PetsFour tips for keeping a clean and tidy home while enjoying the...

Four tips for keeping a clean and tidy home while enjoying the company of pets

Pet hair and the dirt that is produced are some of the worst enemies when it comes to having a clean and tidy home. On average, 40% of households have at least one pet and dogs (89%) and cats (38%) continue to be the main pets in our homes.

Pets bring many benefits in our daily lives. Numerous studies confirm that living with a pet, among many other psychological, physiological and social benefits, increases confidence, reduces stress and reinforces respect and security. There are many benefits, but home cleaning is an essential issue to take into account since it is very important to maintain a clean environment where pets and people enjoy an optimal coexistence.

We have synthesized in five ideas the basic tips to perform a more effective home cleaning, optimize time and get better results; here are the tips:

Clean animals: each pet has different needs and, when in doubt, it is best to consult a veterinarian. But, we know that cats are cleaner and do not need frequent bathing, however, dogs should be washed more regularly; in addition, it is important to brush them periodically. In winter, above all, it is necessary to clean their paws well because they are the ones that bring more dirt after their walks in the street.

Clean dust and lint: it is best to start from the upper parts downwards, so that the dust falls to the floor and then you only have to vacuum it up. In addition to dusting the furniture, the sofa or upholstery should also be cleaned well because our pets are the kings of the sofa. If it is the king of the house, at least once a week you should clean the upholstery and vacuum any possible hair. It is always advisable to vacuum, since when we sweep we raise dust particles again and with the vacuum cleaner these are collected from the first moment, thus preventing them from passing to other areas of the house.

Renew the smells: it is possible for a house to smell different just because you have a pet. Smells permeate the rooms and we forget that it is an important issue to take care of. To avoid this, the first thing to do is to ventilate the house, whether it is summer or winter: a few minutes every day will help to renew the air. In addition, let’s remember the first tip: it is advisable to bathe the pet according to the veterinarian’s recommendations. And along with all this, you can also use a miraculous product in the cleaning of any house: baking soda, which absorbs odors and neutralizes them. If you use baking soda together with a few drops of lemon, you will have an effective and long-lasting natural perfume for the whole home.

Take care of order: whether you have pets or not, it is important to have a tidy house because cleaning will be more efficient. The tidier it is, the less you will have to clean and the less dirt you will have to remove. In addition, a tidy and tidy house also transmits well-being, peace and harmony.


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