Pets3 reasons why your kid would love a pet gerbil

3 reasons why your kid would love a pet gerbil

Probably the best thing about gerbils is that they are small rodents that are somewhat similar to mice, but they’re cute and also very easy to care for. We all know that most children’s pets end up being taken care of by parents, which is regrettable. However, because this type of animal is, without a doubt, very easy to maintain, it’s likely that this might not happen.

In terms of housing, you won’t have to spend a fortune. Most of the highly recommended cages for gerbils are either 10 or 15-gallon aquariums or those that don’t have any wire components at the bottom because the latter can hurt their tiny feet.

You’ll have to garnish the housing with a container where the gerbil can build a nest. You can also get a commercial box for this purpose, but you can also use a hard cardboard box you have in your house. Empty toilet paper tubes might also do the trick.

An extra you may want to add to the cage is an exercise wheel. As for the bedding, you can use anything made from shredded paper to aspen shavings. Because they like digging and it makes them happy, you do have to use quite a lot of bedding.

Gerbils eat mealworms, pelleted food, and seed mixes. Because they’re so small, any package could last you for two months or so. So, in terms of whether they are expensive or not, the answer is pretty clear. They are very cheap. Sure, you do have to make an investment when you get the housing, the bedding, and the food off the bat, but generally, feeding and caring for the gerbil doesn’t cost all that much.

If you’re still having second thoughts about whether they make good pets, here are three reasons to get one for your kids.

They’re safe

The neat thing about gerbils is that they are docile, which means that they are very unlikely to bite. Of course, because they’re so small, you do need to handle them with care. It is virtually impossible for them to injure children, unlike mice and other types of rodents that often need to be trained to be safe.

They’re sociable

Gerbils make social pets and can be quite affectionate. If you don’t want your pet to get bored, it might be a good idea to get a pair right from the beginning. This way, you can make sure that, while it is a primarily nocturnal animal, he or she will always have plenty of exercise and exciting things to look forward to with his or her partner. If you want to interact with your gerbil, we recommend doing so in the evening.

They don’t need a lot in the way of cleaning and maintenance

Unlike other types of rodents, gerbils urinate a lot less and typically require less water. Therefore, it is harder for them to make a mess out of their beddings. They do need fresh food and water, however, so you will have to make sure you provide them every two days or so. The bedding must be changed every week or twice a month.


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