PetsIs any type of pet worth insuring?

Is any type of pet worth insuring?

If you’re like most homeowners, your pet is more than just something to cuddle – it’s an equally important family member as anybody else, and just like everybody else living under your roof, you want your pet to remain healthy and happy and to enjoy life to its maximum potential. However, it’s not unusual for dogs, cats, and even gerbils to get sick, and veterinarian fees can be expensive.

Sometimes, vet costs can run into the thousands of dollars, especially if your pet develops an ongoing illness. However, other pets enjoy a life virtually free from sickness, which makes some people wonder whether paying for insurance is really worth the expense. Plus, different animals have different lifespans and varying odds of developing a health condition, and some insurers may be limited regarding which pets they’ll cover.

It’s important to find an insurer that not only offers competitive prices but also has a reputation for being reliable. The last thing you need is to have to wait months to be reimbursed for expensive vet bills, and you don’t want a company that will try just about anything to avoid paying out. Fortunately, if you do your homework and find a company with sterling reviews, you can purchase comprehensive pet insurance that won’t let you down.

Below, this article takes a look at what factors can affect the cost of insurance as well as which animals can be difficult or expensive to insure. Hopefully, it should help you decide whether or not it’s worth buying insurance for your pet.

The Value of Insurance

Insurance acts as a sort of safety net for your pet should it get into an accident or become sick, but some people refuse to purchase cover due to the belief that the costs aren’t worth it. However, as mentioned above, vet bills can become costly quickly, and you’ll be glad you bought cover should you need to make several trips back and forth. But is it possible to insure any pet?

  • Cats and dogs – As you might expect, cats and dogs are the most commonly insured pets, and because they generally live for around a dozen years, most people would agree that having them insured is a smart idea.
  • Horses – The number of equine insurance policies available to horse owners can seem overwhelming, ranging from loss of use to international transit coverage. However, the basic types of equine insurance coverage purchased by most horse owners are mortality and major medical policies, which roughly correspond to life and health insurance for people.
  • Exotic animals – Unfortunately, it’s harder to find insurance for the likes of reptiles and exotic birds than it is for cats and dogs, and the premiums are often much higher. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the cost of insurance isn’t worth it, and you can find a good deal if you shop around.
  • Small animals – Rabbits, gerbils, and hamsters have much shorter lifespans than cats and dogs, which is why many people neglect to purchase insurance for them. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether or not insurance for an animal with a relatively short life is worth insuring.

Find an Insurer You Can Trust

If your pet is your pride and joy, you won’t regret purchasing insurance that could potentially be a lifesaver. Provided you choose a reputable company for the insurance, you can feel confident that somebody has your back should anything go wrong.


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