ParentingFive tips for cultivating a hobby after becoming a mother

Five tips for cultivating a hobby after becoming a mother

There are many aspects that are sometimes put on the back burner after motherhood. There is even a resignation when the mother moves away from those hobbies she used to cultivate. However, having a personal hobby is a very positive experience that has an impact on self-esteem and, on the other hand, on the bond with the baby. It is an uplifting moment of disconnection and escape. And, therefore, it is accompanied by the reunion afterwards.

Cultivating a personal hobby and maintaining it over time sometimes seems a challenge, but here are the keys to persevere in the process.

1. If you didn’t have hobbies before, find a new one!

It is possible to fall into the generalization that everyone has a hobby. But this is not always the case in practice. Sometimes the space for hobbies is taken up by other facets of life. In any case, it is always a good time to discover new experiences.

2. Share the hobby in company

Perhaps you know other friends in your close circle who practice the hobby. In that case, the activity can become a meeting point that unifies fun and strengthens the relationship. In addition, there are other spaces where you have the possibility of meeting other profiles that want to develop this hobby. That is, check the courses and workshops offered by the cultural centers of the place where you live. Read the program and choose the schedule that best fits your agenda. If you prefer, there are currently proposals that are taught online.

Don’t give up in the face of obstacles

The real challenge of cultivating a hobby lies not in starting the process, but in continuing along the way. The organization of time after motherhood is so demanding that unforeseen events and busy schedules can put the idea of making a plan on the back burner. Maintain your ability to adapt to change in order to transform difficulties into opportunities. Give yourself permission to enjoy that space of your own that is necessary and beneficial.

4. Get involved in realistic projects

In any short term project there are alternatives that are unfeasible in practice. Committing to an option that is unrealistic in terms of your circumstances is a form of self-boycott. On the contrary, setting an achievable goal is a wise move. Thus, it is recommended that you explore reality to identify opportunities that align with your interests and your possibilities.

5. The time invested makes the hobby even more meaningful.

There are hobbies that become determinant in a person’s life and that started with a small first step. At the initial stage you cannot know everything that a proposal will bring to your destiny. Therefore, it is advisable to give yourself the necessary time to persevere, progress and evolve. In this way, you make decisions based on experience rather than jumping to conclusions.

It is certainly advisable to cultivate a hobby after becoming a mother. Photography, drawing, gardening, art, writing, sports, cinema, music, dance, theater or reading can inspire you. What other hobbies would you like to recommend?


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