ParentingWhat to look for when choosing a faith school

What to look for when choosing a faith school

An excellent education is the foundation to a rewarding career. It’s something that parents are well aware of, and because of that, they will often go out of their way to ensure their child is set up for success when it comes to their schooling. Part of that process will involve choosing the right school for your child with the kind of curriculum and atmosphere that will allow them to be successful, learn, grow, and feel comfortable in the environment.

If you’ve decided that the right school for your child is a faith school, there are a few things to take into consideration. The fact is that not all faith schools are exactly the same. Here are some of the things to look for as you’re going through the faith school selection process.

Does the School Share Your Family’s Faith and Beliefs?
The first thing to ask is whether or not the school reflects the same faith and beliefs that you and your family unit share. You want to have that cohesive approach to faith, so your home life should be that of the school life.

Is There a Sense of Community in the School?
Another big thing to look for is a sense of community. That is one of the best parts about sharing your faith with others, it creates that sense of community and it opens the door to your very own support system if you will. This is what a faith-based school can offer to your child.

Take a Close Look at the Curriculum
While much of the focus may be on faith when choosing the right school, don’t forget to also examine the curriculum. Ideally, it should be a curriculum that is well-rounded, giving kids a wide breadth of knowledge. This is what will prepare them for higher education and their future career.

Look Into the Class Sizes
Here’s something worth looking into regardless of the type of school or the school district. Class sizes will have a serious impact on your child’s school experience. Obviously. the smaller the class size, the more effective teachers can be in giving each student the help and attention they may require.

Can You Schedule a Visit?
One of the best ways to get a sense of the school, the teachers, and the environment is to visit it in person and get a tour. It’s a good idea to contact the school you are interested in and inquire about a guided tour or one-on-one discussion.
Look at a school like, if a Catholic-based school is what you think will work best for your child and your family. Make sure the school you choose offers a welcoming and educational atmosphere, an open day for prospective pupils and their families, with an individual tour. This is exactly how you get to know the school better.

Narrowing Down the Options
Using these tips and considerations, you’ll be able to narrow down the options and figure out which faith school is right for your child and their educational path.


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