ParentingCrosswords and its benefits in the education of children

Crosswords and its benefits in the education of children

Solving crosswords, is not just a thing for adults, from a young age produces short and long term benefits, facilitates learning, improves attention and concentration, since it stimulates different brain functions and cognitive skills necessary in the development of children.

Then, before talking about the many benefits that crosswords represent in the education of children, we will discuss some suggestions when working with them.

Suggestions for crossword puzzles with your children

  • Of course, start with an easy crossword, 5 or 6 words.
  • Help the child: if you see the crossword puzzle answers are very difficult for him, reduce its complexity or change to a simpler crossword puzzle.
  • Read the definitions or clues to the children, so they will feel accompanied in this new task.
  • Introduce the crossword as a game and not as an obligation. However, do not allow children to spend more than 30 minutes stuck with the same crossword puzzle. Whether it is finished or not, change task. You can increase the time of this activity as children get used to it.
  • Choose crosswords with figures of animals, fruits or everyday tasks.

14 Benefits of crosswords in children

  1. It increases linguistic capacities, since it necessarily implies the need to expand the vocabulary of children by raising the lexicon they use.
  2. It expands the field of creative activities that a child can work on.
  3. It corrects spelling mistakes.
  4. It works as a bond between parents and children. Searching crossword quiz answers with parents is one of the tasks that children will remember throughout their lives. The crossword produces an intellectual effort within an environment of love and affection that enhances the abilities that every child carries within him.
  5. It decreases the time children are in front of the television, tablets or console games.
  6. It increases your mental agility.
  7. It is very useful to teach a second or third language.
  8. It produces mental associations that help raise your IQ. While it is true that today is not an immovable or rigid parameter, the truth is that the mental associations of crosswords work as a brain training.
  9. It teaches children about how to solve problems.
  10. They learn to establish and recognize patterns. Crosswords are rigid patterns of placement of the letters according to a word “lace” in each box. The experts in crossword puzzles indicate it is possible to detect these patterns and use them in daily life.
  11. It improves memory.
  12. It helps to concentrate on a single activity.
  13. It  raises their level of understanding.
  14. It increases brain capacity, avoiding irrigation problems. Although this is a problem that elderly people generally have, the fact is that many children suffer from high cholesterol problems as a result of an unbalanced diet rich in saturated fats. To prevent the brain from slowing, crosswords are often one of the most powerful tools that can be used.

Since they appeared, their fans have been talking about the benefits of crossword puzzles for mental acuity and quiet entertainment.
Crosswords also have many health benefits as they keep your brain alert and busy. In fact, it is recommended that you do at least one a week.


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