ParentingReasons why parents need to spend time playing with kids

Reasons why parents need to spend time playing with kids

It is easy for parents these days to make excuses that they can no longer spend time playing with their kids. They are too busy with work, and when they reach home, they are too tired to even get up from the couch. Regardless of how you feel like a parent or the nature of your job, you still need to take the time to play with your kids.

Yes, you can hire someone to play with them, but it is vital that you are there to guide them while they play. It is in children’s nature to play, but there are benefits when you are there to play with them.

You become their role model

As a parent, your kids will see you as their role model. They don’t have anyone else at that point in their lives to look up to. Therefore, you need to show them how to do things. You can do so while playing. They will imitate your actions. When you are not playing with them, they will know how to play with the toys you gave them the right way. They will also remember when you tell them what not to do to ensure safety.

You can teach basic learning skills

There are different types of toys. Some of them are educational. When you are there to play with them, you make this a learning opportunity. You can teach them how to read and write using the toys they are playing with. Don’t count on teachers at school alone to do the job since you are the first teacher at home.

You make them more active

Physical health is essential, and it should start at a young age. You need to let them realise the importance of staying fit and active. You can make it happen by playing with them. If you don’t care about what kind of toys they are playing with, it is easy for them to be tempted to use their phones to play online games. Although they still learn from these games, it still feels different to play with traditional toys that we all grew up playing with. They also enhance their physical and mental development with these toys.

You can bond with them

It is the most important reason for you to play with them. When they grow older, you won’t have a lot of time to play with them. Before you know it, they will already be in their teenage years. As such, they will instead play with friends instead of staying home. They will start drifting away. While they are still young and are interested in spending time with you, make the most of it. You will regret it later when you realise that you let time pass by without doing anything memorable with them when they were young. This type of bond that you formed at an early stage will become stronger as time passes.

You get to know them better

When playing with your child, you start finding out about their interests. You know what kinds of toys they love playing, or their favourite colours. When they grow old, you might start drifting apart, but when you see what they like, you can easily pull them back. Children start discovering their interests and hobbies during this formative stage. You need to be there so you will know their preferences. Otherwise, you will end up getting surprised that they love certain activities, and you could not support their interest.

You show your support

Your kids must feel starting at a young age that you support their interests. The issue with some parents is that they have the tendency to get angry when their kids spend a lot of time playing. However, if you spend time with your kids when they play, you show that you are okay with what they are doing, and you allow them to discover things through play. As they grow old, they will feel grateful for the type of support you show to their interests.

You encourage exploration

One of the benefits of playing is that kids learn to explore things around them. They become curious about how things work, and they become engaged. When you play with them, you encourage them to keep on exploring. It is a critical attitude as they soon go to school. Children who tend to be curious do better in school as opposed to those who don’t care about the things around them.

You can help manage their emotions

Playing does not necessarily make kids happy. There are instances when they feel frustrated. It happens when they could not figure out how their toys work. It also happens when they get bored with their toys. They start throwing things around and do tantrums. If you are there while they play, you can help them control their emotions. You can teach positive behaviour. You also tell them what to do when things don’t go their way. Your guidance is crucial even for fun activities like playing.

You can help them manage their time

It is easy for some parents to warn their kids about the number of hours they can spend playing. If the time is up, they immediately tell their kids to stop playing, or else they start getting angry. Once you spend time playing with your kids, you can guide them in managing their time. You can explain why they need to stop playing and start doing something else. It is easy for you to make that decision because you are with them throughout their playtime.

Given these reasons, it is time to shop for toys with your kids now. You can buy toys for boys online and let them decide what types of toys they want. You can guide them if they don’t know which toy to pick, but allow them to make the final decision. They need to learn how to decide at this stage as it helps them when they grow old.


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