ParentingFive key essentials for mums whose little ones are entering school for...

Five key essentials for mums whose little ones are entering school for the first time this Autumn

While many parents are busy gearing up for the school summer holidays, those with little ones who haven’t yet started school see the summer in a more poignant way. Preparing to send your little one off to school for the first time in the Autumn can be a bittersweet moment for many. Parents are filled with pride as their little one prepares for their school years, but at the same time it can be a bit emotional as it’s a sign they are growing up, usually a lot faster than you were prepared for.

In order to help you through this process, here are some tips and essentials that can help prepare your little one for starting school.

Get Them Used to a Routine

If your little one isn’t exactly used to routines, now is the time to work on it. Reception revolves around a routine. There is a set time for learning, playing, break times, snack and lunch, etc. While the teachers will go over the routine with the children on the first day, a child who is used to routines will have a much easier time adjusting. It wouldn’t hurt to get a sample routine or an idea of what to expect and then start using it in your everyday life. The more you can prepare your children in advance, the smoother the transition will be.

Start Giving Them Tasks that Challenge Them

Reception is big on socialisation for little ones, and having fun, but kids are also there to learn. With that in mind, it can be helpful to start giving them tasks at home that challenge them. This will be a great introduction to how their school days will go. You can pick up reception level workbooks that you can make your way through over the summer and encourage them to work on as many tasks as they can. This will help them to use their problem-solving skills, which is essential at their age.

Label Everything You Send with Them

Because you won’t be with your child hovering over them making sure they don’t forget any of their belongings, it’s very easy for items to go missing or for them to get confused with other kids’ belongings. This is exactly why you will want to label everything. This means their backpack, lunch bag, thermos, footwear, and all their clothing. You may want to look at the customised sewing labels available through Griffes Vivienne as a way to quickly and easily identify their clothing. They sell both woven and printed sewing labels which are extremely easy to undo.

Answer Any Questions They May Have

As excited and nervous as you are for your little one to start school, they are likely feeling the same. They may feel scared, nervous, or apprehensive about it. Encourage your little one to ask you questions and provide them with as much positivity and information that you can. This will help to ease their worries.

Celebrate the Milestone

For all the preparedness and conversations that you have with your child about starting school, don’t forget to also take time to celebrate this milestone in their life. This is an exciting time, and it should be filled with positive thoughts and feelings.

All of these tips will help to make the transition that much smoother in the new school year.


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