ParentingHow to enjoy a night off parenting

How to enjoy a night off parenting

After looking after your children 24/7 for days or weeks on end, you deserve a little time to go out and let your hair down. However, many parents find it hard to go out and enjoy themselves, even though their children may love having a childminder or a relative to look after them. What is it that holds parents back from an evening out? If you are looking for ways to enjoy a night off parenting, below are four ways to bear in mind.

Let Go of Guilt
What if baby wakes up and wants me, but I’m not there? Will granny be able to do the night feeds? There will be all sorts of worries running around your head at the prospect of having someone else look after your child for the night. Even when your children are older, it is hard to let go of the guilt. The thing is, guilt just comes with the territory or parenting, and to have a happy life, you need to let it go. Accept that you will worry, but also accept that you need to do things for yourself at times.

Plan to do something special when you go out, and this will help you to look forward to it more and enjoy yourself when you get there. It could be a romantic night away, a sleepover at your best friend’s house (yes, adults are allowed sleepovers too!) or an evening out at the theatre. When you organise a special night out, it makes you more enthusiastic and positive about leaving for the night.

Get all the things ready that your child might need while you are away. Older children like to be involved in this too, so help them to get their pyjamas ready, ask them to show the childminder how to make their bedtime drinks, and get them to choose the activities they want to do during the evening. This gives you confidence that they will be happy at home while you are out.

Don’t Over Do it!
Perhaps you’ve been out enjoying yourself for a while, maybe had a glass of wine or three, and your friend suggests going to another bar. That might sound like a really good idea, but overdoing the alcohol can make you suffer the next day. When you take back over your parenting duties, you don’t want a hangover. Try to take it easy, sip water between alcoholic drinks and make sure you eat something to line your stomach! If you do wake up feeling like you have the biggest headache ever, don’t worry. Try eating bacon, sipping fresh orange juice, or you could even try IV Hydration which will have you feeling back at your best in no time.

A night off parenting gives you a chance to mentally recharge your batteries. Socialising with friends is important for a happy and fulfiled life, or you might also want a night off parenting to spend some time keeping the romance alive with your partner. Often, when we become parents, we no longer bother or are too tired to go out, but it is a way to recharge mentally. So, call the sitter, put on your best clothes, and get out there and have some fun!


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