When is the best time to remove the diaper


Do you have a baby and are you wondering when is the best time to get rid of the diaper? Pay attention to these points that will allow you to realize it and do it at the precise moment and successfully.

Of course, you must have patience. Think that there is no formula that allows you to remove the diaper on the first attempt and successfully. However, there are many ways to try it and we tell you which are the best.

How to know if it is the ideal time to remove the diaper

When the children reach the age of two, the parents begin to consider removing the diaper. This is because children start going to the nursery and there are children who do not wear diapers, so the social pressure for parents multiplies.

A good way to try to achieve our purpose is by explaining it in a clear way. An explanation that must be accompanied by positive stimuli. If the child during the attempts to remove the diaper does not achieve its purposes will not have to scold it at any time.

The best way for him to get it himself will be to sit him in the potty. Although at first I do not get it, the truth is that the child, at least, will be able to get used to it. He thinks that he is not used to doing his things and that he probably will not get it. As much as if we put the diaper on him immediately he will.

To help him pee when we put him in the potty we can resort to a series of effective stimuli such as opening the tap, encouraging him to tell him that he can do it alone.

In addition there are some devices designed to be placed in the toilet bowl, so that the child is as comfortable as possible and does not fall into the toilet at any time.

Think that it is within the norm that the child up to five years pee in bed and although there are no infallible formulas to help us avoid it, you can always take a series of measures to prevent the child from drinking too many liquids from the late, that he urinates before going to sleep and that during the night we take him a couple of times to the bathroom so he can pee himself.

Keep in mind that children also do not like to get wet in bed. They know they can not control their pee and that makes them nervous.

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