Tips to remove your baby’s fear of water


As children grow up, and come into contact with the reality around them, and their dangers, they may develop certain fears that may be almost inexplicable to us. One of them is the fear of water. It is as if your mind warns you that this is not your natural environment and, therefore, it may be hostile to you.

These tips may be useful to help them to overcome that fear.

Fear paralyzes us and prevents many things that are positive for our growth, however the lack of fear, can have serious consequences. It is necessary to teach the child to have respect for water and be cautious when in it. Enjoy a good bathroom but with the appropriate precautions.

If our child is afraid and, at first we want to get on the beach, with all its immensity, or in an Olympic pool, all we are going to get is a monumental tantrum. Better start with a smaller space such as an inflatable pool in which there is little water, so, and as you get used to it, go looking for bigger spaces.

Depending on the time when we decided to take a bath, we will find the water temperature. Generally, in the pools, much better to do it in the afternoon. Throughout the day the water has been tempered with the sun. A cold shower of water on babies can be fatal to take away the desire to enjoy the water.

Once we have already got the baby into the water, it is best to play with it. In this way you will associate the bathroom with a moment of fun and joy, getting you not so aware of his fears or anxieties.

Each child has their own rhythm and needs a very special time to overcome their panic situations. It is not appropriate for us to reproach him like: “Look at your cousin, how well he is doing and you here” or “All the children laugh at you.” The only thing we are going to get with it is the opposite effect. For the education of our children, in all aspects, what we most need is patience, and in this it would not be different.

So go ahead and see how, before you realize, your child will be enjoying the water quite naturally.



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