Babies playing with smartphones take longer to talk


The way of having fun of the children, has notably fitted in recent times. Instead of enjoying the outdoors, sports or games between friends, the little ones prefer to stay at home glued to their new gadgets of the latest technology where they can find everything, or almost everything.

From very small, parents teach them to handle our mobiles, this way they have fun, and leave us calm for a long time. But is the use of smartphones and tablets beneficial for babies? Apparently, and according to a recent study, having fun with these devices could delay children’s speech.

This study has been conducted in the United States, where it has been found that 40 percent of children under 2 years of age have used mobile phones before, although it is thought that in some countries this figure could be much higher .

The author of the research has been Dr. Catherine Birken and the data have been presented at the 2017 Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting. It is the first time that a study of these characteristics is carried out, in which the use of smartphones and tablets in children between 6 months and 2 years, and their linguistic development are linked. Finding that those who spent more time with these devices, the greater was their difficulty to speak.

In order to carry it out, the data of 900 children who contributed their parents with respect to their use of the technological devices to distract themselves were used. The 20 percent spent an average of 28 minutes playing in front of the screens. But for every half-hour more it was found that the delay when expressing verbally was much greater.

Many parents think that the sooner they get in touch with technology, the better they will deal with it. However they have not stopped to appreciate that, perhaps, it can bring a series of disadvantages in its development. According to experts, children should not be entertained with these devices until they are at least 18 months old. However, other specialists advise to delay its use as much as possible.

Although this study is inconclusive, and further research is needed, it has been shown that the language development of the baby is depleted the more the technology is used, and the cause may be that a verbal relationship with the parents ceases to exist.

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