Traveling by plane with babies: practical tips


Planning a family trip is very positive, but adults should plan different aspects so that everything goes perfectly. Among the most important points we must not forget matters related to the documents, amenities and services of the selected place, meals, etc.

If you are traveling for the first time on a plane with your baby, you should not miss this article in which we try to unveil all the questions that may appear before the new experience.

It is important to think about the cost of the ticket and the importance of the reservation. Children under two years of age, or ‘infants’ usually pay, depending on the airline and tranche, a much lower percentage of the adult fare. In some cases, only 10 percent of the fare must be paid, provided they travel to their parents’ place.

In some companies, these tickets also pay airport taxes and taxes. Others consider that babies who are traveling in a seat of their own, must pay the full rate for the space they are occupying, and use a child seat that is certified for aircraft use.

Another important point is that adults who travel with a baby will have priority when checking in and also when embarking.

From United Airlines consider that: “In international flights they can carry a stroller or a car seat plus another package per baby. The total of both articles must not exceed 23 kilograms nor exceed 62 linear inches. ” It will not be necessary to dispatch your car with the suitcases, they will be able to do it at the moment of entering the aircraft.

When passengers have babies, they are accommodated in the first seats of the cabin, near the bulkhead, so that a crib can be placed. A reservation is required. Bear in mind that the crib is for babies weighing less than 10 kilograms, this may depend on each airline.

Many aircraft have a zone to clean the baby and different hygiene items such as wet wipes. If you want to bring your own items to sanitize the baby remember that you can not enter containers of more than 100 ml.

With regard to food, we can clarify that there are many airlines that let the food carry the baby, even let milk carry in the original packaging. Depending on the delay of the flight you can also order sweet, salty broths and various mushrooms. In case you need to heat some food most of the airplanes have microwaves.

Documentation needed for babies

Regarding the documentation babies will need to access the aircraft, each country has different requirements, for which it is very useful to check the documentation required by the airline, which will be necessary to be able to disembark in the destination country. In case of transfer between several companies, make sure that you also carry the necessary documentation to travel with the second company and the country of final destination.

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