How to use baby backpacks


Baby backpacks are very practical to use, a good way to transport our children, but to avoid back hurting we will need to put them properly, and today we will give you some tips to get the best results.

When a baby is born, it will place its legs in the same way that it would have them in the uterus, separated, flexed and in external rotation. Moving the legs will stimulate the development of the hip and develope a complete mobility.

That is why the best posture for the baby in the backpacks is with the legs separated, a reason for him to flex and stimulate the legs, this way we will be ensuring the baby will have a correct development of muscles and joints of his hip.

His legs should not be too wide or too tight, the position must be comfortable.

His legs should not be too open or too tight, the position should be comfortable. If you place it in a position where his legs are together for a few hours, the baby will feel uncomfortable, and increase the possibility of dysplasia. If, on the contrary, his legs open too much, he will not be able to have a correct circulation, causing a necrosis in the femoral head.

The child can be placed facing forward or towards the carrier, this will depend on the model of the backpack. You can place it looking forward if the backpack is designed for this type of use, a position in which is provided a correct ergonomics, both for the person who carries the baby as for the small.

If we place it looking at the person who carries it, its column is located in kyphosis and the hips are in abduction, an ideal posture when the child is small and does not have much musculature, the backpack will provide the necessary cervical support. If we place it looking forward, the little one will adapt the trunk to the space and the anatomy of the wearer, his hips are in abduction and have more mobility.

Another key point to bear in mind for the use of backpacks or baby carrier, is if the person who will carry it suffers from back pain. This type of tool generates an increase in the load supported by the joints and the musculature of the spine. A heavy load will generate muscle fatigue and very annoying backaches.

A good measure to avoiding these pains is to consult with the doctor, choose a backpack model that has a good design for the baby and the wearer, do not use this backpack for long periods of time, and begin to use it progressively, giving the muscles of the spine time to strengthen.

Generally the use of backpack is very comfortable for the babies, but if for some reason we notice they are uncomfortable, surely will be noticed immediately.

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