ParentingWhat are anti-colic bottles?

What are anti-colic bottles?

When we are going to buy bottles and teats, experts in the field emphasize the importance of choosing anti-colic models, but it may happen that we do not know very well what it is. Today we will tell you what these bottles are for and why they are ideal when it comes to feeding babies.

We know that having to give up, for different reasons, breastfeeding is difficult for moms, and shey may feel that the baby will no longer be well fed, or that the bottles that can be used will not be adequate.

The reasons for leaving lactation can be mastitis, the presence of nipple irritation and painful cracks. In many of these cases the solution is simple, it will be enough to learn the correct way to place the small one in the chest, in addition, the saliva of the baby will help to heal the cracked nipples since it act like natural remedies.

In addition to being able to get anti-colic bottles, we can buy teats that fulfill this function.

If you notice that infants suffer from cramping of the infant, the anti-colic bottles will be very good, remember that colic of the infants can be quite annoying and painful, it is a painful contraction of your abdomen, there is no single specific reason that generates .

If the baby tends to take his bottle anxiously and in a hurry, it will generate negative pressure every time he sucks so that the milk comes out. This way air will enter through the opening of the teat until the pressure is balanced, this has a consequence in the milk that is not always taken into account: with the entrance of oxygen may degrade some of its nutrients, oxygen will pass through the milk oxygenating it.

That is why it is very important to choose the right bottle. We may have doubts about this, as the number of alternatives is almost infinite. The anti-colic bottles are those that have a functionality that helps the air to enter as the baby goes to extract the milk helping to achieve an adequate rate of milk output without the child having to strain.

We can find it of different types: in some cases they are the ones that have a second hole in the teat, helping that the air enters in the bottle but not in the milk, avoiding the problem of the negative pressure.

In addition to being able to get anti-colic bottles we can acquire the teats that fulfill this function They differ from the common ones by having a special ventilation system preventing the baby from swallowing air as it sucks, reducing the appearance of gas colic.

These teats will have a valve that is at the base of the teat and, as the baby uses them, they act by eliminating the vacuum and avoiding to swallow air. We will always have to choose teats that are anatomically shaped, since they will have the form most similar to the nipple of the mother.


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