ParentingHow to get the baby to sleep in his crib

How to get the baby to sleep in his crib

Getting the baby to sleep alone in the crib without crying can become a challenge. Sometimes it seems to be a real mission impossible, but do not despair, achieve is possible and today we will give some tips to get it.

There are thousands of reasons for the baby to wake up at night, may be cold, hungry, need the pampering of their parents or simply feel uncomfortable. Once he has awakened he will surely want to go back to sleep but he does not know how to do it himself.

There are certain points to think about when to sleep a baby. In many cases the time to go to sleep includes a series of rituals in which the parents are great protagonists, especially if it is in the stage of the breastfeeding. In these cases it is difficult to get to sleep alone, especially if we are talking about children of very few months of life, but it is important to keep the routines that indicate the baby that the moment of sleep inexorably approaches.

There are moments or situations where it will be necessary and important to change the routines, the reasons may be different, but let us think that each family is a world and to judge each particular case does not make sense. One of the most frequent reasons why it is essential to normalize sleep is when the mother returns to work and requires rest at night.

Earlier we mentioned that babies wake up at night for different reasons, but parents should evaluate if it is necessary to go in any of the cases. If the baby cries because he is hungry, needing affection or feels uncomfortable, the only reason is that the parents attend to their needs, if they do not it will be difficult to calm down and nobody will be able to sleep. Then you will have to think of a plan that will minimize the amount of wakefulness at night, so that the needs of the children will be met and the parents can also sleep.

In order for the baby to go back to sleep after waking up we should think about the ritual that is usually used to fall asleep. When it comes to resting we have to have certain conditions like darkness, a temperature that is pleasant, certain sounds or no noise. If a custom is already present the presence of the parents will not always be necessary, unless in that habit is the fact of sleeping in their arms.

Sometimes it will be necessary to change the habits, for example, if you sleep in another bedroom you can put a comfortable seat so that the parents can accompany you until you sleep, at first you will be able to cradle while you breastfeed or the bottle, When he is calm (without falling asleep) will be placed in his crib and sleep alone.

Getting him to sleep would be ideal, but it could happen that when she is left in the crib she starts to cry. Faced with this situation may be two options, one not to let it cry, take it again and re-cradle if necessary, and when it is quiet again put it back in the crib. Repeat this as many times as necessary until you sleep alone. The other would be to let him cry, but this can generate anxiety in the baby. By getting him to sleep in the crib several times we will have an alternative ritual.


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