Less is more: 4 tips for a minimalist kitchen in a small apartment

Minimalist kitchens are a trend among lovers of design and organization by transforming this room into a manageable, cozy and practical place that will help you make the most of the space.

If you want to join the trend of less is more in the kitchen, these are the keys to achieve a minimalist kitchen this season.

Handleless furniture

Minimalism reduces everything to the minimum expression. And in a kitchen in this style, with a touch is more than enough. Therefore, we must bet on furniture without handles that besides being functional bring a more modern and contemporary style to the space, giving amplitude and providing a sense of order and perfect cleanliness.

Everything hidden, but organized

In minimalist kitchens you have to remove from sight any object that can break the visual cleanliness. And at this point, getting a kitchen that has a well thought-out design with compact furniture of great depth is a key aspect. Design furniture, custom-made, and that allow you to store all kinds of food, utensils and kitchen products to take advantage of the space and have the countertop, table or island completely clear.

Neutral tones to create spaciousness

If you want to make your kitchen bigger, you have to go for neutral tones. It is also important that the material chosen, both aesthetically and functionally, is easy to clean, so that its maintenance does not take too much time.

Keep order and visual cleanliness

To achieve a minimalist kitchen you have to avoid obstacles for everything to flow. In this sense, it is important to eliminate all the elements and appliances that are left over. The elements that you do not use or unnecessary will only accumulate dust and break with the desired minimalist aesthetic. Take advantage of all the spaces and elements that you have to keep them stored and get a perfectly integrated combination of all the elements.