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How to keep the air in your home clean and pure

Good air quality is a key factor in achieving good health and living conditions. This goal can be achieved even if you live in the city, even if outside the streets are full of pollution, the roads are still full of vehicles and at certain times of the year pollen has its day.

Achieving quality indoor air is a matter of habit and maintenance, it is also an essential objective especially in those homes where babies and children or sensitive people with respiratory problems live together. The following recommendations can be very useful.

Ventilate the house every day

Early in the morning and late at night we must open the windows and keep them open for at least 15 minutes. It is not a question of keeping them open for long because insects, noise, suspended dust particles or allergens can immediately start to enter, but just a few minutes to renew all the indoor air that is heavily loaded.

Cleaning and tidying up the house

This advice is also quite obvious, but equally necessary. The accumulation of junk and dirt in the home generates and stores dust and suspended particles. These components of the air are eventually breathed in and can lead to respiratory problems.

So, if you want to maintain good indoor air quality in your home, a basic tip is to vacuum frequently, avoid using duster blades that spread the particles instead of removing them, pay close attention to textiles and opt for hypoallergenic fabrics.

In this sense, beyond using hypoallergenic fabrics, another interesting practice is not only this, but to opt for natural materials in furniture and home accessories. Synthetic fibres and fabrics release chemicals over time and wear. This should lead us to forget about plastics and polyesters and choose wood, cotton or linen for sheets, sofa covers, cushions and furniture.

Air Purifiers

All these recommendations work effectively when combined. In this sense, opening the windows a little (when it is not too hot and there is not too much traffic) and keeping the house clean can be insufficient if the air is not filtered.

Air purifiers and baby humidifiers remove polluting or toxic particles from the air. They are simple to operate, capturing the air from the room with a fan and passing it through a filter that traps harmful particles, smoke and other impurities.

The use of humidifiers is especially welcome at night, at bedtime, because a more pleasant air allows a better sleep, a more comfortable rest and with it, more vitality at dawn.

Plants at home

Decoration is another positive dynamic that can help you breathe healthier air. The old idea that having plants in the house can be dangerous because they capture oxygen is all a mistake. Years ago, NASA identified some plant species that help purify the air in home and work environments by doing a job similar to that of humidifiers.

Mother-in-law’s tongue, bamboo palm, peace flower or rubber tree, and by extension any indoor plant are perfect for improving air quality indoors. They not only provide a better indoor environment, but also a more natural and warm decoration.

Beware of humidity

In summer, and increasingly throughout the year, air conditioning is the great ally of families to enjoy a pleasant temperature inside the home.However, when there is a very high temperature outside and very cold inside the house, condensation can be generated.

The result is the appearance of mould, which ends up accumulating contaminating particles. The solution is to air the house, clean intensely with water and soap, regulate the temperature of the air conditioning systems, use humidifiers and maintain a responsible behaviour.


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