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Colors and their meaning in Feng Shui

What’s your favorite color? What about your kids? Colours have a strong influence on us, they always surround us in our daily lives, consciously or unconsciously. If we know how to understand their meaning and make the most of them, we will see real changes in our environment. Colours are associated with symbolic and cultural meanings. The same colour can mean progress and abundance in one country and mourning in another.

In Feng Shui the colors are used mainly to represent the 5 elements and the 9 zones of the Bagua map. The energy or chi is balanced in our environments through the use of colors. Its importance is essential and it is one of the most important tools in Feng Shui. Through the colors we can generate positive impacts stimulating vitality, relaxation, concentration, … whatever we need in each situation and stay of our house. For this reason it is important to know their meaning and know how to use them.

When we work with colours we need to privilege those we like. If in a specific area of the Bagua map of the house or the room there are colours that are not to our liking it is much better to promote them through forms or objects. It is necessary to respect one’s intuition in all senses, but what does each colour mean and what is it associated with?


The blue tones are associated with the wood element and with the areas of: Health and Family and Wealth and Prosperity on the Bagua map. Blue is a color that expresses calm and peace. It is a color that helps concentration so it is perfect for a student’s room. The only exception to its use is in the case of depression or difficulties in socializing.


Green is the colour of nature par excellence and is of course associated with the element of wood and the areas of Health and Family and Knowledge and Culture on the Bagua map. Green is identified with balance, growth and abundance. It also represents youth and renovation and can always be used as it is a colour with enormous benefits. Green is ideal for babies’ rooms (soft green), children and teenagers.


The colour of passion, vitality, warmth and love. You have many uses, especially for redirecting energy. It is associated with the element of Fire and with the areas of Love and Marriage and Fame and Reputation. In China it is the lucky colour that even wives wear. To be used wisely, as it is a very stimulating colour it is best suited to the hall or room where it brings warmth.


Purple is a color that denotes wealth, tranquility and much spirituality. It is associated with the element of Wood and with the area of Wealth and Prosperity. It is a good choice in small doses for a bedroom as it brings calm to sleep.


This color represents unconditional love and feminine energy as well as romance. Like red it is associated with the Fire element and the Love and Marriage zone.


The colour white is the transmitter of purity and balance and stimulates the creative impulse. It is eminently associated with the element Metal and with the areas of Creativity and Useful People and Travel. White is suitable in most rooms, but it is better to avoid it in excess so as not to produce an effect of emptiness or coldness. Its ideal use would be in the bathroom and in a children’s room combined with another colour.


The color black is a controversial color and best used in combination with another color such as white. In correct doses it can transmit safety and stability. It is eminently associated with the element Water and with the areas of Professional Career and Knowledge and Culture. Best not used in children’s rooms or the kitchen.


The color of the sun, illuminates and gives warmth in all its shades. It inspires communication, sociability, mental energy and recognition. In China it was the colour reserved for the emperor. It is associated with the Earth element and the Centre zone in the Bagua Map. Ideal for areas where we want to encourage dialogue, in children’s rooms it is perfect in a pastel shade.


Pure dynamism, a color that widely stimulates the senses, joy and energy generating great changes. It is associated with the element Earth and the zone of the Center in the Map Bagua. Good color for the hall, the living room or the kitchen.


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