Cohousing: advantages of living in a sustainable community


Cohousing is a community system based on the concept of collaborative consumption. It is a term unknown to many people, but which has more followers every day.

Cohousing is a community model formed by people with similar values and a similar way of living. This community housing system needs the collaboration of all members, who will have to clearly define their needs, based on energy saving and environmental protection.

It consists of a community of between 10 and 25 houses around the common areas composed of a patio with restricted access to the outside.

In the common areas you can find: kitchen, public dining room, nursery, meeting room, laundry. Even in some communities you can have workshops, tennis courts, library, gym, swimming pool, or any service you decide between all of them.

One of the most widespread formats is “cohousing senior”, a community formed by elderly people who are looking for an alternative to nursing homes. This model allows independence and the creation of new friendships and they can even count on an internal health service during 24 hours.

The advantages of cohousing are many:

  • This participative community helps to strengthen the bonds of affection and to improve their quality of life.
  • By dividing the collective expenses, savings are achieved.
  • Creating an environment tailored to the owners according to their needs and preferences.
  • Cohousing facilitates cooperation and coexistence between members.

The key to making this community system work is the involvement of every member of the community for the good of all. Everything is resolved through an assembly system. The sharing of material, spatial and energy resources leads to savings. In addition, energy efficiency and environmental protection are sought. Integration of orchards, renewable energy systems and car sharing to reduce emissions.

Another advantage of this modern system of “co-housing” is its financing. The members of the community do not buy a house but the right to use it, together with the common spaces. A monthly fee is paid, which is usually lower than for a private or public residence.

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