Toilet paper shortage boosts bidet sales in the US

The shortage of toilet paper in the United States linked to the coronavirus crisis has led its citizens to seek other alternatives to maintain their intimate hygiene and it seems that the bidet, practically in danger of extinction, has been the solution.

In the first week of March, sales began to double what they had been the previous month. Then, two days later, they tripled what they usually are, and suddenly it was 10 times what normal sales are. A few days later it reached a peak of sales and felt in the same shortage situation.

The state of confinement in homes due to the coronavirus has caused houses to demand more toilet paper than usual to the point that it is already a scarce commodity in supermarkets. The bidet, on the other hand, has become a kind of “pandemic lifeline”.

This element has never been very popular in the United States, which viewed its use in European countries with some derision. Now, from Spain, for example, they see the American situation with some surprise, since at this European country, the bidet is one of the essential elements in the bathrooms of the homes.