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How to make your home family friendly

Having a baby is one of the most fascinating and fantastic feelings you can have, but it also comes with its difficulties. When you are thinking of having kids and starting a family, there are many things you must consider before making the last decision. One of the choices you have to make is on how to make your home family friendly and safe for all the kids. Imagine your children playing in the house and making a mess all over your furniture or worse getting hurt while they play.

  1. Choose furniture that can serve as a storage trunk

When you have kids in the house, it is bound to get messy with toys, baby clothes, diapers and everything else your baby might need. You will soon realize that your closet space is not enough to keep all of the stuff as you keep adding more things for your baby. To avoid all the clutter play it safe by getting furniture which doubles as storage trunks, from getting a couch which can lift and have a storage space to tables with drawers. This helps you get rid of the clutter and keep your house organized not to mention keep your kids safe from stepping on toys and tripping.

  1. Look for chunky furniture and not leggy ones

All kids love pushing things over for fun and amusement especially when they realize they have the strength. There are days when you walked into a room and wondered if there was a bulldozer in the house because everything is upside down and the place looks messy. You can avoid all this by getting chunky and heavy furniture which is hard for the kid to push over while playing. Apart from maintaining a neat and organised room having chunky furniture is safe for your kids as the furniture can’t fall and topple over your children.

  1. Use safe accessories in your home

Try to use the safe accessories that can’t harm your children, if your house was solely decorated in glasses you might reconsider that and change them. You don’t want a case where your child runs in the house and knocks over a glass accessory and then steps on the broken glass. If you have fragile accessories or costly antique pieces you should consider putting them on the top shelf until your kids are old enough. If you have to keep them on a lower shelf, then you should always keep the shelves closed and open it while you are using the shelves.
If you have had too many risky accessories or tools before the child came (electric devices, tools, paints …) and your house is not large enough, maybe you should think about some temporary external storage solution, especially during the child’s second year, when they start to walk, which is the time when they are most uncontrollable.

  1. Use dark fabrics on your furniture

With kids running around your house and making it all messy and unkempt it is only safe if you used darker fabrics on your furniture. Imagine walking around the house then noticing that your favourite couch has a jam stain on it? You can avoid all this by choosing a stain repellent fabric or a dark colored one. Some of the significant stain-repellent fabrics include leather, Ultrasuede, and velvet are easy to clean and will keep your couch looking good at all times.

  1. Baby-proof your home

Ensure that you have baby proofed your whole house by installing great door furniture that looks in your home and keeps your baby safe. You can get any door furniture from Todd doors, including door knobs, hinges, and handles and ensure that your home is safe. Ensure that you have baby proofed your house so that your child does not destroy your antiques or play with dangerous items.


Always ensure that your family is safe from any harm or danger by using some of the tips to make your house family friendly. Baby-proof your home, use less fragile accessories and use dark repellent fabrics to reduce accidents in your home.


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