How to make your dream bathroom a reality


Building your dream bathroom takes time and effort. You should be patient and consider first how you are going to go about designing it. Plot out the details and, slowly but surely, you’ll turn your vision into a reality.

Here are the things you should consider:

Choose the right theme

First, you must decide on a theme. You can let your wild imagination run free by creating your own bathroom theme, or you can opt to go for the traditional. Classic themes are popular for a reason, so if you don’t have any idea what to choose, going for the classics is the best way to go. If you decide to go for the traditional but remain unsatisfied with it, you can try incorporating an unconventional style or unique elements to shake things up a little.

Choose the right layout

The second thing you must figure out is where to place all bathroom fixtures such that the bathroom will look perfectly balanced. You should decide where you want your tub, toilet, faucet, bathroom mirrors and other water fixtures to be located. Typically, tubs are always flushed to a wall and sinks are placed nearer to toilets. But, you can deviate from this and decide for yourself how your bathroom is supposed to look. For example, you can make your tub the central fixture in your bathroom. This arrangement will make your bathroom look more luxurious than it is.

Choose the right tile design

Your bathroom design should be able to reflect your taste and own sense of style. You should follow your heart but also be mindful of finding the perfect balance for all the elements you want to add in your bathroom. This includes choosing the right bathroom tiles.

Typically, you will have to choose different tile patterns for your wall tiles, floor tiles and shower tiles. Pick your must-have tiles first and try to see if they will mesh well with your chosen theme. You can also try mixing and matching tiles to create a unique look for your bathroom. Just make sure that you keep it to three different styles of tiles. Having more than three tile designs will make your bathroom look chaotic.

When choosing patterns for tiles, always make sure that you have one accent tile style that will be the focal point in your bathroom. Choose a bold color or tile texture so it will stand out. Don’t have more than one accent tile though because it will ruin the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. The other tiles should have neutral, soft or subtle colors like white subway tiles.

Choose the right water fixtures

Of course, you can’t forget bathroom furniture and fixtures. The rule for this is simple: you should always make sure that everything you pick out is consistent with your chosen theme and design.

These are the things you should figure out for yourself before going on a shopping spree. Make sure you follow these tips to get your dream bathroom the way you imagined it.

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