4 reasons summer is the best time to move

Summer in the Pacific Northwest is a season to savor. People are outside exploring hiking trails with the longer daylight, families are outside relaxing near lakes and streams during the warmer weather, and young people are out of school enjoying the myriad of kid-friendly activities that are happening around town.

There are many reasons to love this area of the country and whether it’s for work, to be near friends and family, or simply to start fresh in a new place, the Northwest has become one of the most popular places to move to in recent years.

A 2017 study showed that the West is where people tend to flock to, with Oregon and Washington as two of the top states. Research shows that 65% of total movers are heading to Oregon, whereas 59% are putting down roots in Washington State. (1)

No matter how exciting it is for individuals and families to move into new home communities, it is no secret that moving is a huge task. Planning a move during any season of the year brings a mix of excitement and challenge with it, but if you are wondering what the smoothest time of year is to move to your new Northwest home, summer is one of the greatest times to do just that.

Here are our four favorite reasons why summer is a top time to move:

Benefit #1: The weather is great.

It is no secret that the Pacific Northwest is familiar with lots of rainy days. If you have moved in the winter or fall in the past, you know that the weather can pose some challenges. It is not just the wet and slippery pavement that poses an issue, either. It’s also the potential for ice, wind, and even snow.

Summer in the Pacific Northwest, on the other hand, is warm and dry, which means that it makes moving a lot easier and more enjoyable. Sunny weather ensures that your belongings will not get wet, which is especially important when it comes to moving furniture and other valuable items.

The Farmer’s Almanac for 2018 predicts that for the Northwest region, the rest of the 2018 summer will be generally warm, with a mix of cool days. July’s temperatures should be about two degrees above average and precipitation should be about 0.3 inches below average. August looks cooler than past summers, with a mix of cool, sunny days.

Benefit #2: The market is good.

The real estate market in the Pacific Northwest is hot and homes are only on the market for a short time before they are snatched up and sold. If you are looking to move into a new home but have you sell your current house, summer is one of the best times to list your home for sale.

A May 2018 report from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service showed that in over 23 counties in Washington state home listings in the database were up 4% from the previous year and at the current rate of sales, it would take an average of 1.44 months to sell every active listing home in the NWMLS inventory.

That is good news for home sellers in the right now. With inventory up and potential buyers looking for their dream home, sellers can expect a relatively quick sale. Utilize the great weather to declutter and work on the curb appeal of your home to get it ready.

The sooner you get it on the market, the faster you can sell it, which means you will be able to move into your new home quickly and get set up in time for all the upcoming fall activities that you have scheduled.

Benefit #3: School is out.

Moving is a lot to manage, but when you add kids and their schedules into the mix, it can get even more difficult to plan. But, with school out during the summer, the timing couldn’t be better.

By moving during summer break, your kids will not need to worry about being uprooted in the middle of the year to start a new school and you will be able to get settled into the new community before the new school year begins.

Another bonus about having the kids out during the summer during your move is that you can ask them to help with some of the details. A recent study discussed in The Atlantic shares that only 35% of teenagers in 2016 were looking for jobs during their time off school. If your kids are older and they have decided not to get a summer job, take advantage of their free time by hiring them to help get the home cleaned up and ready to pack.

For younger kids, encourage them to help pack up their rooms and give them chores that are appropriate for their age level. Having an extra helping hand will allow you to more quickly cross off the to-dos on your checklist, and it will also give them ownership in the moving process.

Benefit #4: It is easy to get involved in the community.

Summertime in new home communities means the neighbors are usually out and about more often and there are lots of different events around the area that you can get involved with or just attend.

Whether it is a fair, street festival, sports game, or other event, there are lots of great ways to head out and meet your new neighbors while getting involved in the community at large. Once you do that, you will start to feel more connected to your new home community and ready to get settle in.

New home communities today have a variety of upscale amenities and various floor plans that can make your life more convenient, so for individuals or families that are looking for a change, getting into a new space during the summertime is a great option.

Not sure which homes are available in the area you most desire? There are a variety of options in different parts of the county. The right house is out there for you! Search for professionals to talk about what you are looking for in your next home and they will get you on the path toward custom home ownership today!