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4 tips to choose the best vacuum cleaner for yourself

Buying a product today has become so much of a hassle as there are so many varieties available in the market at competitive prices. If you have been thinking about buying a vacuum cleaner then so many choices must have confused, even after reading tons of reviews about different products: the same vacuum cleaner cannot suit everyone.

There are various uses of a vacuum cleaner depending on the owners of it: it’s not the same to clean the three rooms of an apartment as it is to clean a busy office every day or a warehouse that gets dusty at every turn.We must also consider that at a certain point it could happen that  the office cleaning is not a matter of buying one or another vacuum cleaner but of entrusting it to a company and getting rid of the task if it is particularly tedious; of course, this can be even more obvious if we are talking about a warehouse. In any case, let’s focus on choosing a vacuum cleaner for a normal home. Therefore, to help you choose the perfect vacuum cleaner according to your needs, here is a list of a few tips.

Choose a type of a filter:

The job of the filter is to trap the remaining dust and dust particles before the air is expelled in the room. Knowing a filter is one of the basic steps to choose the kind of vacuum cleaner you want. There are three types of filters, namely washable filters, disposable filters and HEPA filters. If you consider buying a cleaner with disposable filters then you might be incurring an extra cost upon yourself, as they will have to be replaced when dirty. On the other hand, washable filters are made of foam and are reusable. HEPA filters are specially designed to trap smaller particles than the regular filters. It is good for people who are allergic to dust.

With a bag or without it:

The next important choice you need to make is to choose whether you want a bagged vacuum or not. In case you opt for the bagged one, you will have to toss out the bag when it will be full and put a new one in its place. If you opt for the bag-less, you will need to empty or clear the dust cup when it gets full. The second option is more economical as one would not want to spend regularly on bags. You may also like to read about Dyson Handheld Vs Cordless.

Decide on corded or cordless vacuum:

There are two choices available: you can opt for either a corded vacuum or a cordless one. Usually, the cordless ones do not work for an extended period. They might just stop working, leaving you frustrated. Although, it can be a great option for you if you have a smaller home and it is being used only for spot clean-ups. Buying a corded vacuum is suggested for a bigger home. It might create a problem in plugging and unplugging but it is the only solution to complete the job, all at once.

Heaviness of the vacuum:

You must also check the weight of the vacuum and see if you will be able to carry it around your house. No one would want it to be like a heavy piece of furniture. The weight of an ideal vacuum cleaner should be around 20 pounds. There are many lightweight vacuums also available; however, they might not work as well as the normal ones.

Hence, these tips will prove to be helpful for you to choose the vacuum cleaner suiting to your needs.


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