Some ideas to reduce household waste


Reducing domestic waste noticeably has a lot to do with our lifestyle habits. If we review them, surely we can change more than one and so we will feel that we enjoy a home more committed to the environment and that our rooms, in addition to showing a decoration for fans of recycled wood furniture, begin to generate less domestic garbage .

There are many everyday gestures that we can change.

Without going any further, let’s start by not using the typical transparent film that most of us have in our kitchen to wrap food. Especially if we have children at home, I’m sure we’ll have wrapped a lot of sandwiches and snacks of all kinds. Until now it will have occupied a main space in the shelf where all the utensils we use daily appear.

It is time to say goodbye and bet on sustainable materials that guarantee identical benefits, but watching over the planet. Take note. There are wraps made from organic products such as paper, cotton, and resin and beeswax. Its lifespan is very long, we can use them for a year, and they guarantee a quite effective seal in contact with the cold. A simple advice like this one will allow our domestic garbage to be smaller and more sustainable.

An effective way to remedy the habit of throwing away is to return to traditional cotton kitchen towels. And in the case of napkins, retrieve the cloth ones. In order not to incite consumerism, we can rescue those tablecloths with sets of napkins forgotten in a drawer.  We can also discover new options if it is what we want, such as bamboo fiber cloth napkins. A new step forward to reduce our domestic waste and pollute less.

Even our bathroom can contribute to this cause: reduce household waste by becoming greener. Many of the utensils that we use in our personal hygiene are easy to replace with other reusable and biodegradable models. I am talking about hair brushes made of natural bristles, wood toothbrushes, cleansing and washable organic cotton wipes, etc.

Putting an end to the excess domestic garbage that clutters our bin sounds like a challenge. Every day, we ask ourselves if we generate so much waste, no matter how much we try to reduce it to the minimum expression. The answer is simple. We live surrounded by a myriad of objects, materials and accessories that produce it, and it seems there is no way to control it. But is time to change.

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