What is the right size for a ceiling lamp?


Lighting has become one of the key elements when designing any space in the home. Knowing how to choose the right lamp, will help us to generate the atmosphere we are looking for.

The design should follow the same style as the decoration, since the lamps usually act as the focal point of any room. In this way, if we have a rustic decoration, wrought iron lamps can be a great alternative. In the case of having a modern style we can play with stainless steel or those with unconventional shapes.

One of the points that we should consider when choosing a ceiling lamp is that it is proportional to the space where it will be placed. If we have a very large space, but the lamp is small, it will lose all the impact it could create. On the opposite side, if the lamp is too large compared to the size of the room, this can be seen with an invasive element.

There is an unwritten rule that can help us choose the right size. To do this we must add the width and length of the room, multiply it by 2.5, and divide the result obtained by 30. This operation will give us the maximum diameter that the lamp should have.

In addition, it must be obviously located high enough so that it does not bother us, nor can it collide with other furniture.

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