Clocks for the kitchen, how to choose the right one

When choosing the kitchen clock, we must choose the one that combines with the design and color scheme of this part of the house. When choosing the model and color, it is important to take into account the style of the fixed elements of the kitchen, such as furniture, tables or even appliances. What we should look for is that the clock accentuates the integral design, without turning it into the center of attention.

Watch material

Another important aspect when choosing the clock for the kitchen, is to choose the material that will be manufactured. This will depend on the color of the kitchen and the types of materials used for its design.

If the kitchen has been built using natural materials such as wood, then we should opt for a clock whose frame is out of this material. In this case, it is easy to find a wall clock with similar or complementary characteristics. Another possible option is to use stone watches. In this case, these come with a variety of colors and we can find them in any type of stone, including ceramics. Finally we have the option of using stainless steel or colored metal. These can go from simple circles to pieces artistically welded.

Wooden clocks will combine with cabinets, tables and chairs, but you should be careful with the kind of wood you choose. Certain woods are warped under the effects of the heat that usually reigns in the kitchen. The wood also stains easily, and a splash of sauce can destroy this elegant decorative element. For that reason, perhaps the best choice turns out to be a wooden or plastic imitation watch.

In addition to choosing the watch model, it is also important to know where to put it, since not all sites are suitable. In this space is more difficult and we must take into account a number of factors when it comes to hanging our watch.

Prohibited zones

Within the kitchen, not all places are conducive to place ours. We must know that there is always a series of prohibited places where we should never locate it. Let’s see what these places are next.

Cooking area. Although it seems a priori, the best option to arrange it, is actually the worst. You may think that it is better to have it near this area, since this way you will have more control over the time of the recipes. However, it would not make much sense to fill up with fat every two times.
Water zone. It is also not advisable to place it near the sink as we can splash or even fail the support and fall into the water. In that case, the easiest thing is for it to stop working.
Window. If we place it near a window, we must keep in mind the air currents, the rains and unexpected storms. Even if they are closed, there can always be some leakage that affects their functioning.

Now the question is, where do I place the wall clock? Well, the answer is very simple. Anywhere other than the sites discussed above and always keeping in mind that it is visible to the eye.