Advantages of having a central heating boiler in your home

Are you still using the old traditional water heating systems? You should be thinking of replacing them with the latest central heating systems. There are several types of boilers you can install to heat water in your home. Gone are the days when you needed large tanks of water in the loft for heating. Currently, these tanks are only necessary for industries and in large homes with a high demand for hot water. Here, are some of the great benefits of installing boilers.


It’s much safer to heat water using a boiler than a traditional heater. The boiler connections are completely sealed. When in need of hot water, there is a switch to turn it on. It is family friendly as there is no harm posed to your children.

Environmentally friendly

Compared to traditional heaters, central heating boilers are environmentally friendly. These boilers produce minimal or no carbon monoxide, which can be harmful to your family. The latest technology of boilers aims at zero carbon monoxide emissions.

Energy efficient

Looking for an energy efficient way to heat water in your home? These boilers are 20-30% more energy efficient compared to traditional heaters. They have an energy efficient label which means that they are less energy consuming. Most boilers on the market today have an A or B scale SEBBUK rating.

Lower fuel bills

Still struggling with huge fuel bills? Save on your bills by fitting a boiler in your home. These boilers require less energy to heat, hence there will be a decrease in energy consumption.

Various sizes

This is one of the major selling-points of these boilers. You no longer need large tanks in the loft to have hot water in your kitchen taps and bath or shower. Boilers have a sleek design that can fit anywhere in your home. It is just a small unit fixed on one of your walls at home and connected to your water pipes. Boilers are also available in different sizes depending on your needs and demand for hot water.

Quiet running

Boilers operate silently. Traditional boilers were noisy compared to the latest on the market.

Complete control of temperature

Traditional heaters could not be regulated. They would at times supply water which was too hot to use in your kitchen. In fact, it was a risk showering with hot water directly from the old heaters. With a central heating boiler, you can set the desired temperature and period of time to heat.

To enjoy these benefits, your boiler must be working effectively. This is the main reason why you should regularly take care of your boiler and service it annually. A faulty boiler may cost you a lot of money and endanger your family. You should also purchase a quality boiler from one of the reputable suppliers in the UK.