Benefits of using granite worktops

Each piece of a granite countertop is unique. This characteristic makes granite countertops mostly preferred by many people. Granite is a natural stone found underneath the Earth’s surface formed by compressed molten rock. It is very hard and hence extremely durable. Below are reasons why you should use granite worktops.

Granite worktops are simply gorgeous

If you have a sense of class and elegance, granite worktops are a perfect choice. They deliver a stylish appearance and a graceful finish to your kitchen or bathroom. They come in different colours; have a variety of shades and interesting patterns to choose from. All these are qualities that make granite worktops very beautiful and unique.

Natural look

Granite itself is a combination of different minerals and crystals. For example, the white colour in granite is feldspar mineral and the black is mica mineral.

Granite worktops are strong

Being naturally sourced, granite worktops in Ireland are very strong. They are not sensitive to high temperatures, thus the best choice for your kitchen as you can place hot appliances on them and no damage or stains will appear. They are also scratch resistant. This uncommon strength makes granite worktops difficult to break.


Granite worktops maintain their stylish good looks for a lifetime. They don’t absorb stains and are very easy to clean. They are also waterproof if sealed correctly. Find a professional installer to avoid improper installation.

Easy to be fixed

In case you happen to chip the worktop, it is easily repaired. You can contact the installer to repair and reseal the worktop to avoid absorption of spilled liquids.

Family friendly

The fact that it is very difficult to damage granite worktops makes it the best for all family members to use. Children can experiment with different recipes without fear of damaging the countertop surface. The fact that it is difficult to break also minimises any injuries like cuts and scratches.

Level surface

Granite worktops offer great working space for pastry products such as cakes and buns or even cookies. The flat surface is ideal for spreading, cutting and shaping the dough. It also gives good space for preparation of ingredients.

Cost efficient

With advantages such as durability and strength, it is cost efficient because maintenance costs are minimal. Other options have additional costs because of easy wear and tear.

Green building material

If you are an environmental issues enthusiast, granite countertops are the best. Granite is renewable. It has harmful chemicals and thus is very safe.

You can use granite countertops in almost every corner of your home. There are bathroom countertops. You can have the desk in your study with a granite worktop. Also, there are granite products for flooring, sinks, and basins and also wall coverings.

You should also consider sampling the pieces in person and pick the granite countertop design that will impress you, your family and friends.