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How improper rubbish removal effects the environment

When finding a rubbish removal company in Sydney, it is important to find one that is conscious about the environment. This is imperative as improper rubbish removal poses a very serious threat to nature. Ethical rubbish removal in Sydney can be found by seeking a company that partakes in responsible and transparent practices. This includes recyclables, reusing and rehoming when possible as well as ensuring that garbage is properly disposed of. Sustainable approaches to garbage means that there is less landfill, less disturbed wildlife, fewer trees used, and a better path is built for future generations. This article will explore how improper junk removal effects the environment and why it is important to find a sustainable rubbish removal company.

Air Pollution

When non-biodegradable items are built up in open landfill, toxic fumes and greenhouse gases are emitted. These gases are also known as landfill gas and can be damaging to those around it, and can even be explosive. This gas contributes to smog and can lead to the worsening of health issues such as asthma. Landfill companies that are ahead of the curve will use a system that captures that gas to reuse.

When garbage is burned, the toxic compounds that are in different materials are released into the atmosphere, and overtime can build up in the ozone layer. It is important to find a business that properly disposes of harmful chemicals such as oil, or items that contain chemicals such as paper or plastic in order to prevent further air pollution.

Contaminated Soil

It is imperative to find a company that recycles everything possible, so they don’t end up contributing to contaminated soil. Ink found in newspapers and paper is toxic to soil and can cause issues if leaked into the ground. Furthermore, certain chemicals can be released from the breakdown of plastic bottles which is then leached into the soil. These chemicals can be harmful to humans and cause reproductive problems and liver issues.

Huge issues are caused by the improper disposal of industrial wastes that can be leaked into the soil, such as solvents, medical waste, pesticides, heavy metals and even lead. Because of this, it is completely appropriate to contact a waste removal company to find out what their garbage disposal practices are.


When items are dumped on the streets instead of into a trash bin, items often find their way into drains and sewers and end up reaching the ocean or drinking water areas. This can release toxic chemicals into the water which not only has negative impacts on human health but causes issues for marine life. Animals can get caught in garbage items, the number of mosquitos can increase which carry infections, and chemicals can kill fish.

Animals habitats can also be destroyed when more and more trees are getting cut down. It is important to instead recycle items when possible so less resources need to be used. Finding a company that hand-sorts rubbish to find recyclables is a great way to ensure wildlife is no longer been negatively impacted by improper waste disposal.


The improper disposal of waste can lead to different types of human infections. When litter begins to cause blockages in drains, this becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes that carry viruses such as malaria. Direct contact with waste can lead to the infection of wounds and the transfer of bacteria, which can also result in skin irritations. Furthermore, rats make home in dumped waste and can carry all different sorts of diseases as well as cause damage to crops and homes. It is clear that the improper dumping of waste can lead to causes health issues in humans, and it is important for every individual to be conscious of their junk disposal habits.

Rubbish removal Sydney – Goodbye Junk has sustainable practices. It is important to find a company like this because improper trash removal can lead to air pollution due to landfill gas or the burning of toxic chemicals, as well as soil pollution due to the improper removal of industrial waste or from the breakdown of plastic bottles. Wildlife can be negatively impacted by waste reaching water and by animal’s habitats been destroyed. Humans are also impacted by the contamination of drinking water and by different infections that can be spread due to the build-up of rubbish. While of all these consequences can seem scary, they can be best avoided by using proper trash removal practices.


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