6 of the best tips to prevent a plumbing problem

Plumbing issues happen to every homeowner at some point. They’re messy, inconvenient and sometimes really unpleasant to smell.

Not only are they a headache to deal with but can be extremely costly. Often times water bills can soar because of a leak in a pipe or even just a dripping faucet. There are even some major health risks if mould or waste water is exposed to residents.

For these reasons it’s understandable that people will want to avoid plumbing issues altogether. If a problem does occur then for a professional and fast solution, people should not hesitate to call an experienced plumber in Sydney.

Here are some of the best plumbing tips that will help people to save time and money by preventing an issue from developing in the first place.

Be Careful Of What Gets Flushed

Making sure only appropriate things get flushed down the toilet sounds obvious but it’s easy for people to make careless mistakes. Flushing down the wrong item can cause blockage that will lead to a really unpleasant problem down the line.

People often make the mistake of flushing all sanitary bathroom items, but not all are appropriate. Things like cotton swabs and hygiene products like some wet wipes do not break down in water. This is one of the most common causes of a blockage.

Beware Of Chemical Cleaners

While chemical drain cleaners are popular because of how quickly they work they can actually wreak havoc on pipes and drains. Overuse of them can lead to clogs in the drain they were used to clean.

People should always try to opt for a drain cleaner that uses a natural bacteria solution that will get rid of organic matter without corroding the interior of the pipes.

Take Care Of Taps

Dripping faucets often lead people to over tighten the fixture in an attempt to combat the problem. This causes strain to the seal of the tap and makes the problem much worse.

People should always stop turning the tap once they feel the water has completely stopped. If the dripping problem persists then it is probably time to call a plumber in Sydney to come over and sort it out.

Don’t Pour Oil And Grease Down The Drain

Residue from cooking like oil and grease often gets poured down the kitchen sink. This is a big mistake as the liquids can stick to the inside of the drain, building up into a gooey clog.

Avoiding this problem is as simple as making sure all oil and grease is drained out into a throwaway container and disposed of with the regular garbage.

Prevent Clogging At The Source

Clogging occurs when a build-up of hair, food particles and other sticky items find their way into a drainpipe. The best way to prevent this from occurring is to be careful of what ends up down there.

Food items should be scraped into the garbage before being washed off in the sink or dishwasher. People can install screens in their showers and bathtubs to catch hair before it goes further down the drain.

Limit Water Pressure

Even though it’s nice to have a high pressure setting on the shower, using it too often can cause strain to the pipes. Always try to limit the use of high pressure water systems in order to extend the lifespan of their connected pipes.

Plumbing never lasts forever and issues are bound to pop up eventually. Following the tips above are some of the best ways to increase the lifespan of a plumbing system and reduce the need for heavy maintenance.

Regardless of how much care is taken, some plumbing problems are simply inevitable. When an issue does present itself people will need to rely on a professional plumber in Sydney to resolve it. Even if you require emergency plumbing Sydney, there are plumbers available 24/7 to assist you.