How best to organise moving home

Moving is something that requires time and organisation. Here are some things that can make the moving process easier and more practical.


Quote the materials that you probably need for your move, boxes, tape and other items. Contact different moving companies, verify their reputation, experience and quality of service. Inform them regarding the nature and quantity of things that will need to be transported to your new home. If for example you are moving into or out of the Cheltenham area, according to your budget decide whether you need a full moving service or simply a man with a van in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire to help you with your move. Choose wisely and they will help you efficiently, and provide the best quality care for your belongings throughout the moving process.


If you want to be sure that your belongings arrive at your new home in the same way that they left the old one, there are secure transport options that you can hire that will help you guarantee that all your items arrive safely without damage. This is especially important for very delicate objects such as furniture, mirrors, porcelain, appliances, etc.

Delicate things

It is important how you pack the things in your home, dishes, glassware and other fragile items need to be carefully wrapped in paper, so they do not suffer damage during transport. Likewise, the corners of furniture and tables should be protected with cardboard so that they are not damaged by scratches or bumps.


Pack by area: kitchen, bedrooms, living room, etc. This will allow you to organise things better and more quickly in your new home and optimise space and time. Put labels on the boxes that help to identify where they are going and their contents.


Clean furniture, drawers and dusty objects. Take advantage of moving to get rid of old furniture, papers and things you do not use. Decide on how you will decorate your new home and give away or throw away any old items that will not fit with your new style.

The kitchen

This is probably the room where there are most objects, utensils, etc. Determine the ones that are in good working order and discard the others. Plan the space of your new kitchen and think about what you will need and not need. It is important to have the appliances, clean, empty and ready to be transported.

Blankets, carpets and curtains

If you make sure to wash all these things beforehand, once you get to your new home you can unpack them and immediately use them, which will speed up organising everything.

Paying attention to these simple things will make your move easier. Always try to anticipate the things you will need to do, and what you might require, to help you save time and money during the moving process.