Elements that make a modern kitchen distinct


Some homeowners have a natural eye for design and can come up with their desired look for their kitchen. Others have to rely on the services of an interior decorator or find design ideas from home decorating magazines and websites. But today, there are dedicated companies that help homeowners outfit their kitchens and other rooms in their homes based on their budget and personal preferences.

Whichever method you pursue to make your modern kitchen look great, there are elements that can make your kitchen furnishings stand out.

Flat-panel doors

Most modern kitchen styles go for the seamless look. The look today is clean with sleek lines. While the centre of the cabinet door is flat instead of contoured or raised, the varied detailing that can be achieved keeps flat-panel doors interesting.

Frameless, full overlay cabinets

Traditionally, kitchen cabinets have frames around them when constructed. Modern cabinets are frameless, meaning there is no frame and centre stile that limit access to the items stored inside. They are made of thicker box construction in lieu of the frame for the cabinet’s sturdiness. The shelves are often adjustable so you maximise the storage space.

Simple and sleek hardware

For a time, kitchen cabinets were installed with decorative handles. In modern kitchens you will see cabinets with simple C-channel hardware. There are also flat linear pulls and tubular pulls as well. You can go for invisible hardware for a sleeker look. Invisible hardware could be push latches, which are either magnetic or mechanical. You push on the cabinet door to activate the spring to open the door panel. You might opt for integrated handles where the beveled edges allow you to open the door. Another type of invisible latch is the hidden pull, where a part of the edge-pull juts out.

Minimal ornamentation

Contemporary and modern kitchen furniture often lacks ornamentation. It might come in various flat colours without any pattern or texture.

Use of natural materials

Instead of decorative embellishments, most modern kitchen furniture relies on the beauty of the materials such as the intricate patterns of marble veins or the grain of natural wood such as oak, cedar, elm or pine.

Horizontal lines

When browsing kitchen cabinets, you’ll notice that the trend is towards horizontal lines. Thus, you’ll find cabinets in one row. Some designers intentionally place hardware along a horizontal line to accentuate the drawers.

Consistency of style

Accent pieces that you install in your kitchen, such as chairs, tables, bar stools and lighting fixtures should be consistent with the style of your kitchen furnishings. Find items that are also clean, simple and without too much ornamentation if you are going for the modern, sleek and clean look.

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