Tips for choosing a new front door


Front doors are one of the most important parts of a home because they must be strong and secure yet good-looking. It should withstand extreme weather conditions, intruder attempts, and make a statement. Doors come in a range of materials, styles and colours. Now, there are more options unlike before when choices were limited to wood, steel or wood veneer.

Pick the right material

The material matters a lot when choosing a new front door. The surface material affects the look, security and durability of your door. It should be the first thing on your mind when trying to pick a door. Wood is the most common material, but it is prone to warping. Solid wood can be also very expensive. Steel is sturdy and secure, but heat build-up can cause the finish to peel. Newer materials such as fibreglass composites are tough and easy to maintain.

Composite doors are fast becoming the preferred door choice for many homes today. This is not surprising considering the many advantages of such doors. Manufacturers now allow customers to order custom-made doors that suit their home’s style, such as Truedor’s composite front doors.

Determine your budget

Consider replacing your front door as an investment. If you spend a bit more on an energy efficient door, you can recoup the cost eventually through savings on your energy bills. Your choice may be limited by your budget, so choose a door that is within the budget you are willing to spend. Think about upfront price versus long-term savings and maintenance requirements when trying to think of the amount you are willing to spend.

The style should fit the rest of your home

Your front door should complement the look of your home. It should add to its kerb appeal and make a good impression. Fortunately, many doors today come in a wide range of styles and colours, so they can suit any preference. Door manufacturers even allow homeowners to order custom-made doors. You can always go for classic doors that never go out of style or make a statement by installing contemporary doors. There is something for everyone, so explore your options.

Determine the right size

Standard doors are 32 to 36 inches wide. Check if your door is standard in size, or bigger, or smaller. This is important for proper framing. Door size does not limit buyers today because door manufacturers can create doors of various sizes or according to your own specifications.

Your front door gets a lot of exposure, so it is worth investing in one that is not only durable, but also attractive and easy to operate. Selecting the right one can be a challenge, but practical matters should be considered to guide you in the decision-making process.

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