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Helpful tips for freshening up your home

When first moving into the place you designed to exact specifications, you no doubt expended great effort so when guests arrived they would feel welcomed, and subsequently, gush to you and your friends about the professionally designed home you had created. That was almost five years ago, and while your house could still appear on the front of Southern Homes and Gardens, it is now outdated. Simply stated, you are bored and you want some new stuff. Consider freshening up your home for a new look.

Freshen up your place for a few reasons. First, your home is your investment, so any improvements or enhancement will be reflected in its value. Conversely, the time and effort invested in freshening up your place is rewarded through creating a comfortable space for you and your family. Also, updating the look of your place is important for more than its trendiness value. As styles come and go, these changes reflect you care about this investment.

One suggestion is to reupholster existing furniture to reflect current modes in design. Currently, three home designs are trending. Last fall saw the entrée of the heritage style, which is a fusion of soft textures like velvet, wool, and chenille, while contemporary looks rely on furniture styles with clean lines, and geometrical shapes like boxy sofas, and wood or metal consoles. Finally, choose Chesterfield and arm-scrolled sofas, and traditional-styled armchairs combined with heavy, full-length curtains for a more classic look. From any angle, these trends can update a dull living space.

Changing colors on the walls, or colors that decorate the living space, can update the home. Choose bold, rich colors that exude both calmness and optimism. Trend forecasters advise that shades like lush, meadow green, exotic teals, and spicy mustard can update any dull interior. Homeowners could, alternatively, decorate with muted shades of grey or taupe for a softer, more relaxing effect. By changing the color of the walls or any of the accessories that dot the space, visually, you add novelty to your old living space.

Other tips for freshening up your home include:

  • Revive your tired sofa by exchanging old pillows for new ones or simply rearranging them.
  • Decorate your dining room table as though it were prepared for a meal. Add a cutting board and glass vases filled with flowers to create a homey atmosphere.
  • Organize your home office or study to open up space in the room.
  • Frame and hang your children’s drawings to create a gallery effect.
  • Use artsy books to decorate an empty wood or glass coffee table.

These simple changes, in addition to a plethora of others, can brighten up the dreariest of rooms.

One can freshen up their space by making simple changes in color and texture to liven up a home. With creativity and effort, those outdated rooms can reflect current trends, and in some cases, without costing a lot. Regardless of the trend you desire, homeowners can freshen up their surroundings to achieve a new look.


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