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Bathroom design basics

When designing a bathroom it is important to consider the needs of users, as this will affect the design and the choice of the different elements. Although it seems a very obvious concept, it is not always considered and that is why you see bathrooms with bathtubs not suitable for obese or elderly people, showers only for people who are short (from the height of the mason who built them) or with plugs near the floor where the cable of an electric razor does not come.

Some important aspects to consider are the following

  • The bathrooms are usually arranged in small spaces, so it is convenient to choose the different elements to optimize the space and leave a transit area as wide as possible.
  • If you are one of those people who would rather take a shower than take a bath, consider installing a separate shower instead of installing a tub that you will not use. If, on the other hand, you are the one who wants it all, a bathtub with shower is the smartest choice.
  • Think about how to incorporate storage cabinets into the walls instead of the floor to achieve greater sense of space in addition to a cleaner and more modern design.
  • If possible, consider creating a separate space for a greater sense of luxury and relaxation, having a nearby place where to place candles and other relaxing elements.
  • If the bathroom is going to be used by two or more people, it is a good idea to install two sinks on the countertop to make the morning less chaotic.

Luxury finishes and materials

The bathroom is generally one of the smallest spaces in the house, but that does not mean it can not be luxurious, even on a small budget. The small details, such as accessories or faucets of high range, will have a greater impact in a small space and will not make the final budget too much (three or four hundred more?). An example of elegance and distinction is the installation of mosaic tiles; There is a great variety of finishes and colors to choose the one that best suits the design you want for your bathroom.

Ideas for the bathroom floor and walls

You can choose from a variety of solutions for the bathroom floor. Most people choose marble, granite or porcelain tiles. These materials are water resistant and non-slip. It is also possible to install a wooden floor, but it needs treatment and therefore is not very advisable. For an ultra modern and very practical effect, polished concrete is a great idea.

The tiles on the bathroom walls should be chosen depending on the style you want for the bathroom. It can be combined with the floor for a more uniform design. Options for wall types include glass, ceramic, vinyl and natural stone. There are matte or gloss tiles that can be installed in different ways. As mentioned above, the mosaic-like installation gives the bathroom an appearance of elegance and distinction. Striking colors or different finishes can have a big impact. If used sparingly, they can be installed in the shower area or as a vertical strip in the sink area.

Separate toilet area

If you have enough space, try to create a separate w.c. area inside the bathroom, as is usually done in public toilets, so that two people can use the bathroom in almost all circumstances.



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