Real Versus Dummy Security Cameras for Home Protection

Security cameras are undeniably important if you want to feel safer at home. There are two types of cameras that you can set up. You can have the actual security camera that records footage or you can just install a dummy camera to scare criminals away. The dummy doesn’t do anything, but it can at least give people the idea that they are being recorded so they won’t attempt doing anything silly. There are pros and cons for each option.

Dummy security cameras

Although it is just a dummy, it looks like the real thing. It is so hard to tell especially if you are not well versed in security cameras. They are also cheaper as they are not fully functioning. There is no power required. You don’t even have to worry about repair or maintenance. Some of them also have LED lighting and are waterproof just like actual security cameras. There is also no need to hire an expert to deal with the installation. You can do it on your own. Besides, it is not like you are hiding it. You want people to see it and make them feel intimidated.

Obviously, it can’t record any footage. Therefore, it only works if potential criminals are deterred. Otherwise, there is really no point in using it at all. Should criminals pursue their plans, you will end up being on the losing side. You won’t have any footage and the criminals might get away with their plans.

Real security cameras

Of course, these cameras are the real thing. They can record surveillance footage. They can be rotated. Some of them are even sensitive to intruders. Modern cameras also come with alarms just in case someone tries to break in. This is due to the motion sensor feature. Some of them can be placed indoors while others are placed outdoors. You can watch the footage through your computer or even your smartphone depending on how it is set up.

The downside is that you might have to spend a lot of money for them. Security cameras don’t come cheap. You also need to save the recordings. You have to hire an expert to come over and have them professionally installed. They also have to be checked every now and then to ensure quality and functionality.

Obviously, real cameras are better. They can intimidate people and also record footage. Yes, they come at a price, but you know it will be worth it if your family is protected. Find high quality security cameras now and you’ll feel safer, especially at night. Check out for more details on how to install security cameras at home or in business establishments.