3 tips to save water in the pool this summer


Are you lucky enough to have a house with a pool? Then this article interests you. Here are some recommendations to save water in the pool this summer. Not only will you stop spending good money, but the environment will thank you … and much! Remember that water is a precious commodity. Do not waste it!

You do not need to make big investments to make your pool, big or small, effective and sustainable in terms of water savings. Do not think you have to change systems that clean and purify water, no. You just need to make some adjustments. Keep reading and you will find that it is not so difficult to save water in the pool.

Leaks, enemies of water saving

You have your pool empty after winter. It is time to give a good review and see if there is any leak that can escape the water. Repairing these flaws is critical if you do not want to splurge the liquid element.

It seems that if it is a question of a few drops is not important, and nothing further from reality. A few drops that are lost steadily and maintained over time can be gallons and gallons of water.

That is why it is key to detect and repair any leaks that your pool has. If you do not know how to do it yourself, it is best to have a professional do it for you.

Keep the bottom of your pool sparkling

If your pool already has some seasons on its back, surely you will know how important it is to keep the bottom clean, free of microorganisms and dirt. Well, to maintain and take care of it, it is best to use a cleaner. Of course, it has to be an automatic cleaner that helps us to draw water.

Hand cleaners cause water to be lost during cleaning. In addition, the automatics are more comfortable to use, they filter the water of autonomous form and they work in silence, without causing annoyances. As you see, cleaning the pool is critical and does not have to be laborious.

Prevents water from evaporating

It may sound like a lie to you, but the water in your pool evaporates in summer because of the heat. Hardly noticeable, but it happens and every now and then you realize that you have to fill it out.

Avoid these evaporations by putting a summer tarp when you do not use it. In addition, you will protect it from dirt and keep the water temperature higher and more pleasant.


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