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3 Incredible Ways Robots Are Taking Over Modern Homes

Forget all the stereotypes you have heard about robots. They’re not outer space companions. They are not itching to become self-aware so they can enslave the human race. Instead, tech inventors these days work to develop robots that help us with all facets of our life. Let’s look at some of the ways you can currently use robots to save time and energy.

Yardwork Has Never Been Easier

Mowing your lawn and keeping it green is considerably more difficult when it is hot outside. Thankfully, the manufacturers of the best robots for the home have put their minds to solving these problems and have come up with various solutions. Regular and precise watering are necessary for a perfect garden or lawn. Most of us are not able to water throughout the day, and underground sprinkler systems are limited in their programming. Smart sprinklers fix this issue by delivering water when and where it is needed most, based on weather data.

Put a Robomow to work cutting your grass down to size once it starts to get unwieldy. Robotic mowers care for your yard as often as needed at a cost that is fairly equivalent to riding mowers. Additionally, these electric robot mowers are better for the planet and quieter than gas mowers.

Now that you have the yardwork taken care of, how about firing up the grill? That sounds great until you realize that you neglected to clean the grill the last time you used it. Luckily, the Grillbot can help you out. It works on a hot or cold grill and takes under half an hour to clean the grate.

Care for Critters and Infants

We have hope for those of you who are unable to change out the kitty litter without triggering your gag reflex. When your cat relieves herself, the Litter-Robot goes to work. Like a cement mixer, it will sift the clumps and deposit them into a waste compartment.

If you have a human critter who refuses to fall asleep without you rocking him, it might be time to let a robot step in. Based on your infant’s position, robotic rockers can mimic your rocking motion exactly. They also feature internal speakers that will play whatever music you pick.

Vacuums Are More Popular than Ever

What comes to mind when you think of robots working in your home? If Rosie from The Jetsons is not the first thing that pops into your head, then you are probably envisioning the Roomba. iRobot’s Roomba is still wildly popular, but it has a lot of competition these days. Building on the flaws of the earliest robot vacuum models, today’s top devices:

  • Have better pickup power
  • Require less cleaning
  • Return to their charging station when low on battery
  • Fit under sofas

What about tile, hardwood, and vinyl floors? There are solutions for these surfaces too. For example, iRobot has robotic mops and floor scrubbers. The Scooba 450 is a favorite option for getting out stains and removing more than 99 percent of bacteria.


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