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The implications and points to consider before converting your garage

Garage conversions have become more popular year upon year, with families taking advantage of the added living space a conversion creates. This is because a good conversion can provide you with another living area, a new bedroom or even a home office.

Internal garages are the easiest to convert but any well planed conversion can be achieved without much disruption to day to day life and the finish can make it appear that the garage was always another room within your home.

There are however, a few details to consider before you start your latest home improvement adventure. There are the implications a conversion may have on the appearance of your home, as well as taking into account if any planning permission would be needed. Added to this, you may or may not want to keep your existing garage door on the front so that people do not realize you have converted the garage.

Garage conversions have also increased because experts have noted that garages are becoming too small to house a brand new car, making the space often redundant or full to the brim with storage. Opening up the possibilities and creating a usable space could well provide that extra room you require, or even shape the way you live your business or home lifestyle.

A standard garage is not to the same dimensions of a conventional room within your house, with a long and narrow arrangement. Therefore you may also be able to add a WC at the rear of the garage, sectioning off an area that makes the remaining space more generic. A WC is superb if you convert into a bedroom, as an en-suite bathroom adds value in the long run and practicality for the person/persons in the converted area.

Another great reason to convert your garage is to free up space in other rooms. A long dining room table would fit perfect in a garage’s dimensions and could provide a hosting room for dinners and/or parties. This will in turn open up space in the current living area or dining room that you could use more wisely.

Often a conversion is associated with a loss of garden or outside storage space, but it could well provide the storage space you require and create more living rooms. Converting only a section of the garage using a stud wall can provide a workshop that can be accessed internally at the back, with sectioned storage areas for your equipment. This would provide a better storage facility and could offer a retreat or home office that can be quiet and shut off from the main living quarters.

Linking to the point above, one downside or change that must however be considered is the loss of space where you currently store tools or the car. If your garage is already bursting to the brim with garden furniture, you would need to find another option, perhaps a shed for storing equipment. Also if your garage currently houses a car, are you actually able to park it on the road or on the driveway when your remove this option?

The advantages here do outweigh the problems, but if storage of external items, such as cars or furniture is the issue, it may well not be a viable option to consider a garage conversion. However, if concerting a garage into a more usable living space will create the home of your dreams, it is well worth giving it a go. Changing this one room could open up more space within your house. n


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