Do you aim for personal happiness? Ten tips to having a hygge home


Until recently, hardly anyone knew what the hygge concept meant. That word so fashionable lately, is the way in which the Danes have to call the happiness they find in the little things, sharing moments with friends and family and enjoying the home.

Actually, the hygge movement is an attitude or lifestyle that invites us to enjoy the little pleasures we have at hand, being aware of them. And to achieve this, the atmosphere at home is fundamental. And that’s why today, we want to give you ten tips to make your house a little more hygge.

  • Take advantage of the sunlight. And at night, you can create a soft environment with several points of dim light.
  • In addition to sunlight, use the power of candles to create a comfortable atmosphere. If possible, beeswax, without any aroma.
  • Use natural materials at home, from wood furniture to cotton, hemp or linen textiles.

  • Redesign your terrace or balcony and make it nice to enjoy the good weather.
  • Bet on comfort, and fill your house with carpets, cushions and blankets.
  • Use light colors to create a bright and serene atmosphere.
  • Fill the house with plants and place them in any corner. They give color, and help us connect with nature.

  • Cook and fill your house with warm bread smell or freshly made sweets.
  • Flame light is another factor in the hygge environment. If you do not have a fireplace, you can get a bioethanol that can be put on any piece of furniture.
  • Lay wood floors. They are comfortable and fully fit into the hygge philosophy.

Do you dare to create a hygge atmosphere in your home? It is simply a matter of creating a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in which to enjoy the little things that life offers us in the company of our loved ones.

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