What is the best way to pack your books for a move? A complete guide


Packing your belongings into boxes to be moved can be an adventure that brings on a different range of emotions. Surely you feel happy that you’re moving into a new home, but the actual act of packing also makes you remember certain occasions – and the reminiscing tends to take its toll as well. Packing is something that has to be done carefully, and with planning.

If you’re a book lover and value your literature, then you understand that books need some special care – not only because they are dear to you, but also because there is a special way to take care of them and (let’s certainly not forget) they are quite heavy when they are combined. What is the best way to pack your books for a move? Here’s a complete guide.

What you want to avoid

There are certain things a book lover hates to see. Here are just some of them:

  • Torn pages or wrinkled paper
  • Bent or torn spines
  • Dog-eared corners

I t may take some time to do, but to avoid these simple things, it’s often useful to wrap a few books together (simple newspaper will do) so that they form one unit and don’t have the chance to get damaged during the move.

It’s heavy!

Books, piled together, have a surprising weight – they are really heavy. For this reason it’s always better to have a lot of small boxes than a few large boxes. Spread out the weight. Put the larger books in the bottom to get a good centre of gravity during transportation.

What you’ll need

Boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and lots of paper to crumple and fill the empty space with. Start early! Choose quality – you don’t want the cheapest boxes, because they have to protect your precious books, and since books tend to be heavy, you’ll need the boxes to be strong indeed.

How to pack

It’s important that you pack books the right way. Luckily, there’s a methodology behind it – ask any removals expert, such as the removals Stroud experts from Advanced Removals & Storage, and they will confirm the following:

  • Look for strong but small cardboard boxes. You don’t want big ones, they’ll be too heavy
  • Line the boxes with tissue or bubble wrap
  • Keep the weight at a minimum – don’t overdo it
  • Fill the box completely with packing material to prevent the books from moving around during the move
  • Tape the box well.

Moving from one place to another is a stressful event. It’s something that has to be planned carefully, something that has to be done meticulously. And when it comes to books – well, they’re your precious belongings, so take care of them. Think the process through, and start early.

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