The Four Essential Things to Look for when Selecting Bedroom Furniture and Accessories


A home isn’t really a home without the proper furniture. Your bedroom, in particular, is a place where you should be able to relax and have a bit of ‘me’ time – and you can only relax in your bedroom if you have the right furniture. But choosing the furniture (and accessories) for your bedroom is not something to be taken lightly – you can’t just choose the first piece of furniture you see because it looks good; there are other considerations as well. Here are the four essential things to look for when selecting your bedroom furniture and accessories.

How the piece is built and constructed

The piece of furniture should be solidly constructed and well-built, especially if you are looking at beds, tables, and chairs. Try to avoid such materials as particle-board as well as light aluminium framing, and stick to solid wood or steel if you can. Solid wood and heavy-duty steel will definitely last longer than flimsier materials and will be able to handle wear and tear better. If you are looking for an armchair, you also need to check the cushion and how it is attached to the frame. Everything needs to be solidly and securely attached, and, of course, it also needs to be comfortable.


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The furniture’s style and silhouette

Whilst it may be tempting to go with ‘trendy’ pieces, when it comes to furniture, you may want to opt for the classic, time-tested style and silhouette. This goes for beds, tables, chairs, and other bigger furniture pieces. For instance, going back to the armchair – with a classically-designed armchair, you can’t go wrong, as the style of the chair has been (and will be) popular for years to come. If you want to go the trendy route, you can do so with the accessories you choose, since they tend not to be too big an investment.

The piece’s fabric

There are several factors to keep in mind when it comes to fabric. For bedrooms, lighter-coloured fabric may be a better choice. But if you are planning to use the piece of furniture quite regularly, then you may want to opt for a darker-coloured fabric.

The piece’s finish

If the furniture you are checking has any wooden finish that is exposed, such as the above-mentioned armchair, make sure it fits in with your theme. The finish or stain of the furniture can actually have a big impact on its overall look – for example, a cherry wood finish has more of a traditional look, whilst a much darker (even black) finish can make a piece of furniture look sleeker and more modern. If you want a vintage, rustic look, industrial furniture pieces are often a brilliant choice, as they are unique and have a more personal appeal.

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