The Top Ways You can Maintain the Beauty and Integrity of Your Quartz Worktop

Quartz worktops have become increasingly popular in recent years, for many good reasons. For one, quartz worktops have anti-bacterial properties, making them great for homes with children. For another, quartz worktops are not easily stained as they are non-porous, and they are also known to be strong and durable and not prone to cracking, unlike some natural stones. But if you have your own quartz worktop, you know very well that it is an investment – it is not as cheap as other materials you can find out there. And since it’s an investment, it only follows that you would want to keep its beauty and integrity for years to come. Here, then, are the top ways you can maintain the beauty and integrity of your quartz worktop.

Clean it regularly

It goes without saying that cleaning your quartz worktop should be a routine task. Even though quartz worktops are not so quick to absorb spills and stains, it’s still best to wipe up any spills (such as tea, coffee, juice, wine, cooking sauce, vinegar, and so on) right away. For regular cleaning, all you need is a damp piece of cloth and, whenever necessary, a tiny amount of a liquid cleaning product, preferably non-abrasive and not containing bleach.

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If there is a more stubborn stain in your quartz worktop, you can rub it out with some cream liquid cleaner and a cleaning pad (non-abrasive as well). After using the cleaning pad and cleaner on the worktop’s surface, rinse it with water and then dry the surface with soft cloth or paper towels. For a more stubborn stain, you can try using a plastic scraper first before rubbing it with the pad and cleaner.

What you should avoid

Although quartz worktops, especially the quartz worktops London from J.R. Stone, are hardy and strong, there are some products you should still avoid. This includes stripping products or agents, caustic soda, specially-made products which remove grease, or any other product which has pH values of more than 10. Solvents should also be avoided, especially those that have chloromethane, dichloromethane, and methylene chloride as ingredients.

You should also avoid spills from oils, solvents, and dyes on your quartz worktop. If this happens, wipe away the spill immediately and then rinse it with lots of water. One handy tip: if you like curries and other types of food with plenty of sauce, be careful when you prepare it on your quartz worktop – these foods tend to be quite oily and have ingredients that can cause stains, such as turmeric.

Other reminders

Whilst your quartz worktop can withstand a certain amount of heat, you should still use trivets or pads when placing hot pans on its surface. Also, always use a chopping board and don’t cut directly on the worktop’s surface.