Spring is here: essentials on your terrace

We are in the spring and we want to be outdoors. If you are one of the lucky ones who own an outdoor space at home, start conditioning it without losing a minute and start enjoying it from this very moment. For us, these are the essential elements that can not be missed on the ideal terrace.

A corner to be at ease

Having the ideal terrace, suppose you are going to make it a space to your liking, where you want to be and spend much of your free time at home. And that means you have to have a comfortable living area.

Depending on the space available you can put an outdoor sofa, or just a low table with armchairs and some cushions. The important thing is that you reserve a part of the terrace to be comfortable. You have many ideas to compose a very cozy corner according to you the ideal terrace.

The dining area

It can be a large table with enough chairs for your entire gang, or a small space with a small table and makeshift seats. It all depends on the size of your terrace, but that’s not what really matters. The most important thing is to have a space capable of hosting your loved ones when you want to organize a summer dinner on your ideal terrace.

This can not be missed, even if you have to have practical furniture, which folds or deploys to get bigger when the moment requires, or with folding chairs that can then be saved without problems. There are plenty of solutions for lack of space.

A barbecue, fundamental

Large or small, wood or gas. The market puts at your fingertips an endless repertoire of barbecues so that you can find the one that suits you best, according to your needs. The important thing is to be able to count on her and to enjoy rich meals and dinners outside.

And if your terrace is very, very small, remember that you have some models of portable barbecues that work great.

Plants, the green touch

All you need is the plants to get the ideal terrace. Keep in mind the green touch that plants put, be they large or small, has no comparison with any other element.

Make yourself with easy-care specimens that you like but do not be too demanding about your care. Look for plants that can withstand outdoor conditions without problems.

And if you do not have space, get yourself a simple and decorative vertical garden.

If you have these elements in your house already, you can say that you own the ideal terrace. Enjoy it to the fullest!