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How to make the most of your guest room

Fixing up a dedicated guest room is a great way to provide for visitors to your home. It’s ideal if you have friends or relatives who live a long way away but like to come and see you, or if you live out in the countryside and you have visitors who can’t always rely on getting back the same day. How can you make sure that it’s everything that they hoped for? How can you make them like it so much that they want to visit again, and soon?

Make it warm and welcoming

Everybody likes to feel cozy when staying away from home, and a guest room should have that extra little touch of luxury and comfort. Because they won’t get used often, it’s worth investing in high-quality pillows and bed linen, which will stay in good condition (but stay away from feathers as they give some people allergies). Fit a soft carpet and consider luxury options such as a deep pile rug or a faux fur throw. Make the lighting soft and use a yellow or rose-tinted bulb to add warmth. Choose warm, neutral tones for the walls.

Make it easy to look after

Even when your guest room isn’t being used, it will need to be cleaned, so don’t make extra work for yourself. Include storage spaces such as a wardrobe or an ottoman that can also be used for storing linen when no one is staying. Avoid furniture styles that are a nuisance to dust, and keep ornaments to a minimum.

Give it character

Too often, guest rooms are designed to be cozy and easily cleaned but receive no other attention, so they end up looking like bland budget hotel rooms. When people stay with you in your home, they want to be somewhere that feels like a home. Go online and look for pictures for the walls, attractive lamps, or window shutter inspiration that will help you bring the room to life. It’s okay if the room reflects your own tastes to an extent – if people hated those, they probably wouldn’t want to spend time with you anyway!

Make it fit your guests

Do you have lots of different guests, or do the same people visit you frequently? If it’s the latter, you might want to make space in the guest room for a few books that they’re likely to enjoy, or choose colors that you know will appeal to them. If children will be staying there, keep a small trunk of toys for them to play with and animal cuddly toys who can wait for them on their pillows. Little touches like this will really make your guests feel valued, and keep them coming back.

A well-planned guest room is a real asset to your home. It really helps to put visitors in a good mood, which means that social occasions will be more fun than ever. If you get it looking really good, you may even be tempted to spend occasional nights there yourself!


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