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How to Prepare Your Home for Guests

It is always exciting to welcome friends and family into your home. Bringing loved ones all under one roof is a great opportunity to catch up with stories and share laughs. It can also be extremely stressful to try and get your home ready for new people to visit and stay.

Below, we have put together a short list of just a few items to check to make sure your guests feel welcomed and comfortable while staying in your home.

  1. Good first impressions.

It is important to make a good first impression for new guests arriving to your home. Take a quick look at your front entry to the home. Clean up anything that looks messy. Be sure that the front porch is tidy and furniture and decorations are neatly arranged. If weather appropriate, be sure to clear a safe path to the front door of any snow or ice that could be dangerous to arriving guests.

  1. Working appliances.

Check and make sure all the appliance in the home are in good working order. If you are expecting several guests at your home, chances are your appliances will be getting quite the work out. Appliances may be subject to more than normal usage and it important to be sure everything is working correctly. If you notice that something is not working as well as it should, contact the experts at Service Force to schedule an appointment to have appliances up and running quickly.

  1. Minimal personal items.

Make sure to pick up any trace of your personal items. While it is certainly your home, you want guests to feel welcomed, and not that they are imposing on your personal space. Be sure to pick up any shoes or papers that might be lying around (plus, it makes the house look tidy.) If you have a small table or shelf in the entry way, clear personal items in place of a nice candle. The warm glow of the flame and the welcoming smell can make a great first impression for newly arriving guests.

  1. Lighting.

If guests are arriving at night, be sure to keep the lights on for them both inside your home and out. Arriving guests will be happy to see a lit pathway going to the front door and lit rooms upon entering. If it is very late at night, take advantage of using dimmed lights to create a warm atmosphere. Try to not have any dark corners around your house also. Your guests are new to your home and probably not familiar navigating new territory.

  1. Prepare the bathrooms.

Your guests will be using your bathrooms so again, make sure there are no personal items lying around. Pick up your toothbrush, hairbrush, and any toiletries that may be on the sink or vanity. Be sure that the bathroom is impeccably clean and smells fresh and clean. For guests staying the night, provide big and fluffy towels and even an extra bath robe if you have one available. It is always nice to provide extra rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom too. Nothing can be more embarrassing for guests than to ask for an extra roll.

  1. Bed and breakfast treatment.

Your home is now the new home of your guests, so be sure to treat them as such. Prepare their room with fresh, crisp sheets, extra pillows and extra blankets. The room should be tidy and personal items must be neatly stored away. If the weather is appropriate, open the window a crack to get some fresh air blowing through the room. Also, it is a nice touch to provide a small stack of books or magazines by the bedside for guests to flip through while trying to fall asleep for the night.


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