Ideas for decorating children’s rooms with pads for children


To play, to jump, to read, to rest … The children’s pads are one of those things that both kids and parents like. And you will not care that your children are always lying on the ground, if you do it on them. Fluffy, versatile and great for decorating any nursery. Do not miss out!

When I discovered them in one of my virtual walks through the decoration stores that I like, I immediately thought they were very interesting. One of those things so practical and so decorative that, once discovered, you do not understand why they did not come before your life. And it is that there is no more versatile element for the decoration of children’s rooms than the pads for children. They’re going to like you as much as me!

In fact, these practical pads were invented decades ago, although they were only visible in gyms and in the physical education classes of the school. And one day someone thought that it would be a good idea to reinvent and rescue them to decorate the children’s rooms. And he was not mistaken.

The children are always lying on the ground, and now they can do it, without fear of cooling or the scolding of their mothers. And they are happy too. You can not ask for more.

One of the biggest advantages of these pads is its versatility. They serve for a myriad of things. For example, they help develop children’s imagination (even more) because they become the setting for incredible games (with a few cushions and sheets can become a great tent, if your children do not have an original tipi in their room) .

You can also create the perfect reading corner with a few children’s pads. You only have to stack two or three, put some cushions for the children are very comfortable, and put a small shelf next to your children’s favorite books. A large box can also serve as a container for stories. What do you think about the idea?

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