The marble is omnipresent in our lives


If you are a frequent user of Instagram or Pinterest, you have seen it hundreds of times in recent months. In bathrooms, kitchens or lounges, but also in countless still lifes, such as composition backgrounds, where there are coffee and biscuits, along with a mobile phone or notebook.

Yes, we are talking about marble. A material that has been synonymous with elegance and distinction, but inexplicably, had been in the collective imaginary for some decades as something old. Bad mistake. Because what is more beautiful than, say, a beautiful marble table in an old cafe, or a modern deco in which marble is combined with the color pink?

The fact is that now, this material is fully current, both for houses and public spaces, and in particular, the Carrara marble, with its white base and grayish veining make it so characteristic.

So far, the most common thing was to see it in bathrooms, on the kitchen countertops, at receptions … But now, we can see it in coffee tables, combined with gold, wall tiles, desk tables, add-ons Like candles or a cutting board or even on dinnerware … The options are a thousand. And we are delighted that it is so.

And you … Are you already in the fashion of marble? Surely in your Pinterest you have already uploaded some photo with the background of this elegant material …

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